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  1. Yes. Unfortunately it is not working. I hold the Windows key for a while and when I release it nothing happens or it switches back to Start screen. The tablet dock keyboard Windows key is working. I don't think so. I own license for 2 computers and StartIsBack is installed on 2 computers now.
  2. This is great. Now I can still use Modern UI with touchscreen on my tablet and still have normal start menu when tablet is docked with mouse connected. Great choice to let Start menu open even when Start button is hidden - I still can click in the corner. I used my available StartIsBack activations already. I guess I will buy next license just for it.
  3. Yes. After system restart I also found crash.log, so I attach it too. debug.log.txt crash.log.txt
  4. Another bug report. If I start a fullscreen app (especially games) without disabling DWMHook after a try to alt-tab or close the game I get a blank screen. Sometimes I managed to get out of this by randomly pressing Alt-Tab and Enter. But most times I need to reboot system. System itself is working - I can hear system sounds, I can blindly open cmd and run shutdown command to reboot.
  5. http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Bordered-Captions-for-Windows-8-351741144
  6. Bigmuscle. I love you for this application. Win8 finally looks like it should. In preview 0.2 I had problems with CPU usage by Explorer. Version 0.3 works flawlessly. No increased CPU/GPU usage. Gadgets window looks good (but it has 2 problems - gadget selection and expandable description don't work). It even fixed the ObjectDock option to enable blur behind. You are my master!
  7. Try to disable taskbar transparency with this: http://hb860.deviantart.com/art/Opaque-Taskbar-for-Windows-8-347219169 It should enable Aero for it.
  8. Try extracting files to C:\DWM\