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  1. Even zipped the file is 38mb so am unable to upload is there a specific section I can zip up
  2. Thanks for responding. My first thought was that it is the OracleXE service but setting it to manual appears to make no difference, have also set other servives to manual but am now getting strange results as below <serviceTransition name="wscsvc" group="" transition="start" totalTransitionTimeDelta="9223371778124" firstCheckpointTimeDelta="2" processingTimeDelta="9223371778123" container="unknown" startedAt="258730" firstCheckpointedAt="258732" endedAt="-1"/> summary_boot1.xml
  3. Hi New to forum but have a very slow starting up PC, boots to logon screen in 20 -30 secs but then takes up to 4 mins to logon. If PC is turned on and left for few minutes it logs on quicker so am assuming it is a cumputer startup problem but not sure how to read the xml file. Thanks for any helpsummary_boot.xml