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  1. I would start with deleting this value. What do you think that blur radius of such high value will look like? As always. Being a huge help. Thank you big muscle. And thank you to everyone in their efforts to help. I appreciate it. It works fine now.
  2. I can't find it in HKCU? If your unsure of doing the registry manually then just shoot me a PM and I will send you over a Aero Enabler for 8.1 that should work for you.. ~DP I would appreciate that! Thank you!
  3. I can't find it in HKCU? That would be HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM Here you are
  4. Hello. I've come across an issue. I mistakenly applied a registry key to my registry editor. Noted in the screenshot. "fix-current-user.reg" which I had downloaded from MSFN. Now my aero doesn't work. I have windows 8.1 and here are my registry entries. Any help to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Sorry about that. I didn't realize I used the wrong link. Here is the correct one. ( I fixed it. I dislike mediafire now. -.-) Anyway; How would I download these "symbol files"? http://www.dropbox.com/s/phsgslvc5uyuwzm/debug%20%281%29.log
  6. Hello. I've come to inquire about this error I got while installing Aero 8 last time. Last time I had installed it, it gave me an error about my DWM not being compatible. I do not know if I installed the 8.1 version on accident, or what, but here is my DWM version as of now. I don't know if this is the most recent, most compatible, etc. A friend of mine also has the same version and his Aero 8 worked flawlessly. Could someone perhaps give me a bit of assistance as to what exactly is going on here? EDIT: I actually restored my computer completely, or "Refreshed" it because that is what the option was, and I manually deleted my DWM folder I had made and all its contents. So I cannot access my debug log. I don't know if this is good, or bad. I am also having the same problem that JohnnieDyer is having. EDIT: Here is my Debug.log it was 3 mb so I couldn't use paste bin. I don't know what is happening, I just want Aero to work. http://www.mediafire.com/view/ukuawvzmu190vg9/debug.log
  7. I've been absent for quite some time. But I keep getting this error... Does anyone know how to fix it? http://img196.imageshack.us/img196/1293/pbwj.png
  8. Do you plan to have a "check box" like in windows 7 to enable and disable aero?
  9. it's not working for me. I replaced all the files and did the steps to upgrade to a new version but it still says that there is no version.
  10. It is for me. Without it it just makes windows transperent.
  11. I love your picture! Clannad! Woo

  12. Wow! Thank you! this is such a life saver thanks!!
  13. Hey I have a problem..I think it might be with DWM instead but im just checking. It says I have the 0.7 V of DWM Glass but I installed the 8.5 V. Is this another problem? or what!? Please! Help!