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  1. Yes, that's the 'atlas' ... but the number varies from theme to theme. Ignore 1033, it's just the language code for English(United States).
  2. not here... Actually it does but only if I remove the license and there are too many artifacts.
  3. Open aero.msstyles using reshacker or restorator and extract it from there.
  4. Thank you very much! I didn't reactivated my key, I just deactivated it and after 30 days I went there to generate a new one but I had no such option.
  5. @BigMuscle I deactivated my key a month ago because I installed a new SSD, 30 days have passed and now I cannot generate a new key, I can try to deactivate it again but it says I have to wait another 30 days, wtf, no thank you, what should I do? --edit-- Ok, I just deactivated the same key (AGAIN) and now I have to wait for another 30 days, WTF! Can you please fix this?
  6. Hello hongda.j, You can go to this page where you may control your keys. Thanks for the tip. I've been there, and need to wait 30 days before i can generate a new key. That sucks but yeah, you must wait 30 days...
  7. Aero Glass is automatically enabled after installation... Anyway, it seems you posted in the wrong section...
  8. Cant see your picture. Put it on a proper image hosting website and try again.
  9. I really do not understand why you still complain about some issues of Windows preview builds when it was never said that these builds will ever be supported... I'm not complaining, just reporting... As an insider, I get these preview builds as updates. "Build 10240 is the RTM, but not in the traditional sense, windows 10 will constantly be updated with new features and fixes." - winbeta
  10. ****, colorization of inactive window is broken(again) in win 10 10532
  11. Awesomee, 1.4 works perfectly, inactive colors can be changed too. Thank you Bigmuscle!
  12. This is beautiful, is that an atlas? Could you please share it? TY! --edit-- That is win8rp atlas, right? Yeah it is, I edited it on top of win8rp.png. Well it's basically the same modifications I made to myself on the clearscreen sharp skin in few years ago, and I was happy running Windows 7 with that. I still feel there might be some tuning to do - like actually edit those min/max/close button symbols more, but surely it works fine right now as it is with default caption size. Set the Glass color as white, opacity to 0 and balance all the way up. And put caption coloring to white with the use of glow image on atlas theme. http://hrtlan.com/clsharp.png Since I'm not an expert on tuning that layout file, any tips to actually adjust the border size? I have set the ForceSystemMetrics on. Also Windows 10 start menu, volume tuning and notification/action center seems to get the glass borders too, but it doesn't do any blurring behind those. I would rather see them not having those glass borders at all if blurring isn't possible. Thanks, open the layout file and change 47;0;3602=1,0,0,0 # Window Borders 45;0;3602=1,0,0,0 # Tool Window Borders
  13. So you wait for the next build to be released to consumers? The inactive window color is the only issue I could find... except the visual artifacts on the native blurred areas when aero glass is installed, but these were always there...
  14. Inactive window color cannot be changed in build 10525
  15. This is beautiful, is that an atlas? Could you please share it? TY! --edit-- That is win8rp atlas, right?