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  1. If you use ClassicShell 4 or higher, the "disable taskbar transparency" option does a better job of blurring the taskbar (ironically) than the opaque taskbar application from WinAero.
  2. Thanks, BM. This looks awesome! So what risk is there if I only use appinit_Dlls for this only? If I wake up one morning and my screen is black, can I just turn secure boot back on, and it won't load the glass? I just don't want to take chances with my brand new Surface Pro.
  3. No need for a trial period, BigMuscle said that this software will be free. He is just giving donators an advance on the final version, but that doesn't mean it's not freeware.
  4. Nope, there is no Stardock solution for Aero Glass. I don't even take it as a concurrency solution, because their software does something different. They provide theming application which is injected into system by very non-standard and undocumented way. It completely replaces default theme service resulting in incompatibility with many applications and provides only some degree of pseudotransparency rendered using GDI. On the other hand, my solution is completely native thing which renders real glass/blur effect using hardware accelerated Direct3D (Direct2D in Win8.1). Both are totally different things and it is very good that user can choose what he is searching for Since they are totally different things, then can they be used together? I mean, if I have WindowBlinds, and I use your program, will the transparent windows have a blur behind them?
  5. Someone had to bring up the message box issue again, didn't they? Didn't they? For anyone wanting to complain about the message box, look at the last 87 times someone complained about it: 1. Complaint posted 2. Another 7-35 posts come up about both why everyone hates the messagebox and why they don't mind it. 3. The dust settles and either 3a. Nothing happens or 3b. Bigmuscle says "no more public prerelease builds." People, just get over it. If you really hate the message box, then turn off aero glass. It won't kill you to not have glassy windows. But BigMuscle should release this anytime now, so be patient.
  6. Ok, so the installer will be made available in the Windows 8.1 version? That's great! So I'm guessing that they fixed whatever problem was causing the DWM to freeze?
  7. How does Windowblinds inject itself? It obviously does so via its installer. Does it also use the same Appinit_Dlls key that yours does? There's a way to make it work.
  8. Like fine wine, good software takes time. A good installer even more so. -Noel Wow, so the installer for this will take even more time than the software? I guess we should be expecting an early-mid February 2014 release, then.
  9. I have switched from UltraUXThemePatcher to UxStyle and so far no Black Flashing screens after doing 57 updates..DP Is UxStyle immune to the black screen/unbootable problems that some people say it has?
  10. I know. Man, I remember testing the first preview versions. He has gone a long way since then. Thank you BigMuscle for all of your work! I can't wait to see what's in the final version. If you are open to suggestions for version 2, I wouldn't mind having the "aero reflection" stripes from Windows Vista and 7 along with aero glass, it adds a nice touch. But don't feel pressured, it's just a thought :-)
  11. Good grief, I hate it when people abbreviate Microsoft as M$, but if you have to do it, can you do it right? What is $M anyway? Softmicro? And there are other companies besides MS that also like money. Apple was artificially raising ebook prices. The only difference is that Apple doesn't have an "S" in its name. And I don't want to call it M$ when it provides so many free resources to students.
  12. Aero glass looks really good with the photos on this blog post about the Lumia 1020 set as the desktop background:
  13. I just simultaneously installed 52 updates (which somehow didn't include the problem update DP had), and everything worked just as it should :-)
  14. That's weird. I hope BigMuscle has an explanation. So if this happens to me, will holding CTRL during startup make the flashing black screen go away? I am making a restore point right now while it still works. Does it work if you reinstall glass after the update? How about if you leave it along and let it download the symbols?