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  1. UxStyle is only for x64. How do I enable the BypassThemeSignature thing Open regedit.exe, browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\DWM make a new key (DWORD) there named BypassThemeSignature and set it value to 1 (to disable it set it to 0).
  2. It seems you were using UltraUxThemePatcher or similar program to have custom themes on your Windows 8. Instead use UxStyle or the BypassThemeSignature Feature in BM's "Aero Glass for Windows 8".
  3. Make sure you installed it properly, try this guide, the path to the DWMGlass.dll should be correctly set in AppInit_Dlls value and restart. You can also try this video for better understanding.
  4. The release is imminent, have a little patience. We have currently testing out the installer and the feedback is positive.
  5. Make sure you have internet connected when logging into your user account, the Hook should find the related symbols from the Microsoft servers and start working again.
  6. Try Troubleshooting Windows Update, go to Control Panel and search for troubleshooting click on the first result, under System and Security you'll see Fix problems with Windows update and click on it, go through the troubleshooter and after a restart try installing those updates again. Hope it fixes your problem!
  7. Wow the final version is working without the need of symbols out of the box, with all updates installed. Hope it is backwards compatible, I'll test it out myself later. The performance is good as the code is now purely optimized for Aero Glass. Thanks once again, bigmuscle!
  8. Looking forward to the final release...in the mean time here is my debug log.
  9. Uses DX11 instead of DX10.1 to render, as bigmuscle previously stated.
  10. Both of you, make sure there is internet connectivity when you log-in, RC4 will automatically download debug symbols for the appropriate files and the Aero Glass should start eventually.
  11. Which version are you using because I get blur on all of my taskbars when in a multi-monitor setup..?
  12. I don't use AGTweaker, I set the values manually in the registry. I posted about the Custom Theme Resource a couple of weeks ago, here's the post. BTW I use Custom Themes now, with Uxstyle.
  13. The Custom Theme Resource file might have been accidentally deleted/moved OR the value set in the registry might be invalid.
  14. Thanks for the new RC. Works flawlessly for me, can confirm NO problem with the screensavers like in the last RC. BTW you didn't include the installer in this build (why?) and will the symbol files downloaded by the last RC work on the new one (seems working)? Here's a quick debug log from the new RC. Debug --> RC4 And here's the debug log from the old RC (used for almost half a month on fresh install). Debug --> RC3