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  1. So I take it we can give up on source ever being posted as originally promised?
  2. The bug that was used was reported to them (I believe) 3 years ago and has existed since Windows 2000, if they were going to patch it they would have. They've already announced that it's not a security issue for them and not a concern.
  3. No they didn't, they said they wouldn't guarantee it'd be there forever. Since it wasn't patched last Patch Tuesday I have no reason to believe they have any intention of patching it.
  4. Non-WPF .Net 4/4.5 applications will run unmodified, but everything else needs to be recompiled, yes.
  5. Desktop apps. There is a jailbreak for Windows RT, and a number of desktop apps for it.
  6. This question has been answered ad nauseam. It won't hurt you to read. Pestering the developer with this question won't make it happen any faster. If you want to see a 32-bit pre-release version so badly, you can pitch in and help make it happen. Not without the source we can't. I'd love to port this over to Windows RT, but there's no source to port.
  7. Any idea when you're going to post the source, bigmuscle?
  8. There is a windows rt jailbreak and I do understand the complexities of porting the hooking system.
  9. Any ETA for when the source will be uploaded? I'd like to port this over to Windows RT.