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  1. Just for general information, I would disable a service if I did not want it to automatically start something which could interfere with something else I was doing. I install printers for non-admin users and find it quite frustrating when you run the setup.exe program (XP SP3) and you get to the point where it says to connect the printer (USB) and next thing you know Windoze starts to run the detect new hardware routine to install the printer and sometimes you don't know which window you're working with so it's hard to know which window to kill to continue with the window you started with. (You don't want two installs of the printer.) To prevent the UPNP auto-install from starting you have to disable the UPNP Service and the SSDP Discovery Service. On our systems SSDP is automatic and UPNP is manual. After the install, put them back to where they were. I'm entering this comment because people ask if it's "safe" to make it disabled or manual but it all depends on why you're changing it. Life is shades of gray, not black or white. (Or if you prefer, shades of orange, not red or yellow (I'm talking pigment, not light.).)