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  1. I enabled AHCI in BIOS, the hard drive is now running in the UltraDMA-6. Unfortunatly, the Windows still is booting slowly. I even installed AHCI drivers from amd website. Tomorrow I will check with another SATA cable. Checked SMART and HDTune says it is correct. Screenshot of Benchmark: When I launched xbootmgr again, the first boot is begins faster. The PreSMSS and SMSSInit is fast, but next phases are slower. I don't know maybe it is normal. The next boots lasts about 2-3minutes. I uploaded both etl logs: first boot, after launching xbootmgr and after preparation and 6 restarts. Only CSWITCH+BASE, because DRIVERS causes BSOD :/. What do you think about it? Could it be connected with some kind of driver, or it is a hardware problem? When Windows is booting I see something like this: - "System is starting", no logo, hard drive working - Logo shows after 10seconds. hard drive stops reading/writing for a sec, and resumes - After 20s I see "Wait", and in 5s it changes to "Welcome", next 10s and the desktop is shown. It is booting like this for over 2-3months, so I thought it has to be like this
  2. Here is the ETL file (146MB, but when you unpack it will be 1GB):
  3. My system is fully booting in about 2 minutes, after running xbootmgr. I think PreSMSS and SMSSInit takes too long. Why the Idle process takes the most time? It would be nice is someone could help me. Here is the XML Dump: