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  1. France serves notice to Mircosoft on data tracking http://phys.org/news/2016-07-france-mircosoft-tracking.html
  2. Got it! Thanks!
  3. Not long ago I got my hands on a computer my grandmother gave me that had it's hard drive turned into a brick by an automatic windows 10 update. I replaced the hard drive and installed win 7 professional (for gameplay) and turned updates off. This morning I found that updates have somehow been turned back on! How can I permanently disable this? I don't want W10 or any telemetry garbage on my system!
  4. New win7 update package? NO WAY! Let me tell you guys how I got a practically new computer over the weekend-I was talking to my grandmother who mentioned to me she had just bought a brand new system (with Win 10 ) to replace her old one that wasn't working properly. She knows I love collecting computer parts so she offered me the old system which I was happy to accept, a practically new looking Dell Inspiron system. I got the thing home and tried to start it, only to see the windows 10 logo on screen and nothing else, no activity, nothing at all-the hard drive was a brick, apparently a victim of an automatic upgrade. When I broke out my dell win7 installation disk I got from ebay a while back, it couldn't even detect the drive for installation. I ended up swapping the original hd for a western digital drive I had in my old homebuilt system I'm not using and tried to reinstall again-success! Now I have a practically new computer which is my first to have more than 4 gigs of ram (6 ddr3 ram at the moment). Of course the first thing I did before going online was to turn updates off! If this leaves me security holes, I have a firewall, antivirus, etc-I'll take my chances alone rather than with MS!
  5. You guys might want to check this out from the 98 forum: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/174987-retrozilla-an-updated-version-of-mozilla-for-windows-95-and-nt4-20-released/#comment-1115195
  6. I was using a dell optiplex 330 tower with sound max drivers and a Geforce 620 card (using one of BWC's Nvidia drivers). I tried uninstalling UUrollup and trying the BWC kernel, but it seems I'm just buggering things up more at this point. I got a BSOD again so at this point I'm just going to use my XP/Vista reinstall disk for that system. If I do another home build in the future, where I can check here for what's compatible, I'll give win2k another shot.
  7. Well..before I give up-I'd like to try a couple more things. 1. First I have a Win2k disk I Nlite'd Unoffical Pack 5 on a while back, I could try installing that and UUR2 (I know it's obsolete, but I never hand any issues with it-anyone have a link to that?), then UURollup and see how that functions. 2. I could reinstall my HFSLIP'd disk again and try BWC's extended kernel-but is there something like the compatibility launcher I can use to try VLC etc?
  8. I gave it a shot and got a 'dll.hacked' error and it wouldn't work, tried an earlier version of vlc and it wouldn't work either-it just froze the system, forcing me to restart! I think I'll just put XP on that machine!
  9. I was running in windows xp, after shutting down the firewall-the new cd works just fine! Only one problem now, after installing the HFSLIP disk-I installed the latest version of UURollup (last daily from 2014). I then installed a tweaked video driver by BWC for my GT620 card which worked great. I then tried to install the latest version of VLC media player with the compatibility tool-but when I tried to run a mp4 file the system locked up and I had to restart the computer, I dropped down to the 2.0 version of VLC but had the same thing happened! Is VLC not compatible with UURollup?
  10. I got my hands on VirtualBox (nice toy!) and gave it a spin-one thing I noticed is that while the installation went through, I got a lot of 'missing .dll' errors. I remembered when I ran HFSLIP to add the updates, my firewall (an early version of Comodo) kept flashing me warnings and asking if everything was ok, which I kept clicking 'allow'. I suspected that might have messed something up along the ways, so I got offline-shut down the firewall and ran the whole thing again to make a new ISO file I burned to a fresh disk. I'm testing it out on my dell for the moment and the installation process is going smoothly so far.
  11. Hi tomaz! I've been dabbling with Linux the last few months, but due to the fact the newer versions don't support dialup internet (which is what I'll be back to in a few months) and the fact my favorite games are windows only-I've been messing around with XP/2000 again. I tried to create an up to date HFSLIP disk for windows 2000, the program ran, added the various fixes to my win2k files and then created an ISO file I burned to a disk. But when I tried to install it on one of my dell towers, it booted up and began to load various drivers as any installation normally does. When it got to the point of starting windows 2000 for installation, I got a BSOD error showing a message that said: "stop:0000221 Unknown Hard Error \SystemRoot\System32\ntdll.dll" Any clue on what happened? Or did I screw something up with HFSLIP?
  12. Saw this article: http://phys.org/news/2016-01-microsoft-users-nation-state-intrusion.html Supposedly Microsoft will warn us of outsiders messing with your stuff-but I wouldn't trust the fox guarding the hen house! In case you're wondering, the linux distro I'm on can be found here: http://zorinos.com/ I'm using Zorin 9 Ultimate 64 bit, seems to work just fine for my needs!
  13. This weekend after getting back on cable internet (local provider was offering a good deal so I finally decided to drop dialup for now), I decided to drop XP and try Linux myself. I'm running Zorin 9 Core-it's a tad bit different, but it feels good to know I don't have to be dependent on M$ if I don't want to be!
  14. I'm using XP home sp3 right now, with all updates up to 2014 installed, as long as you can get an antivirus that has up to date definitions and current browsers I don't see why it cant fufill my needs for many years to come.
  15. I tried Linux mint and ubuntu, after following a couple of different sets of tutorials I found-I still couldn't get the thing to recognize my modem. I've already put XP back on that system for now, but whenever I bite the bullet to upgrade back to cable internet-I'll give it another shot since all of them seemed to detect my ethernet stuff.