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  1. 11 hours ago, winxpi said: And were you able to play the video without Opera lets say with a media player? For me it only worked inside Opera 12. Yes, only inside Opera. You can follow the loblo suggestion or try a conversion in another video format. Anyway, this is off topic. Maybe, you should to start a new topic.
  2. I don't know with Opera 12, but i can say you that my 11.64 shows the save clip video option without any modification.
  3. Working also in Opera 9.64. I write now through it. Almost everything much better than 11.64. Sign in and sign out (and all other profile and settings options) are possible by default; also with user menù, unlike 11.64.
  4. Good idea Jumper! So it should prevent any future changes to the css name.
  5. Hi all. I have just seen that the workaround doesn't work anymore today, because the IPS custom css is already changed! I have updated my previous post with new modified string to add, so the workaround works again.
  6. After long consultation about the opportunity to propose this workaround and having received positive feedback (thanks Schwups) about it, i report here the "fix" for the benefit of all interested users. Although my suggestion needs the block of a board element (a single CSS), this workaround is only beneficial to users and not detrimental to MSFN, in fact, the advertising box at the top of the page is not affected by it, even better, it come back visible. All you need is add the following string into the list of the embedded block content of Opera: http://www.msfn.org/board/uploads/css_built_39/258adbb6e4f3e83cd3b355f84e3fa002_custom.css.afb11b271d1a29fed825457171bab42e* You can find this list opening the Opera preferences (CRTL+F12) -> advanced -> contents -> block content. After the application, close and reopen the browser. At least, the pages with the theme Shift default are totally readable now, and also the advertising box at the top of the page come back visible.
  7. Searching for a few utilities

    For the battery monitor: NHC Notebook Hardware Control / Centrino Hardware Control - i don't remember if the older versions run over windows 9x http://www.pbus-167.com/ For the screensaver: nero burning rom Vulcano (opengl) ftp://ftp4.nero.com/vulcano.exe http://www.chip.de/downloads/Nero-Burning-Rom-Screensaver_13010136.html
  8. Hi Schwups. It seems that we are the only ones interested in this. Anyway, i would have found a workaround, using the opera content block. But i'm just not 100% sure if, for the board rules, i'm allowed to write it here. I ask permission to admin before. Can i report it? Thanks This is my actual layout:
  9. @schwups I confirm the issue. The text is visible in only-text mode, but the rest is unusable. The blue background doesn't appear with IE6(!) and Firefox 2/3, so the board is readable, but, anyway, practically unusable for the rest as for Opera.
  10. Last week i did a fresh installation of windows defender on a vanilla Windows 2000 SP4, so, i tried to update the software. As expected, no results by the autoupdate, then i am trying to update it manually. The web archive provides a conspicuous set of old mpas-fe. The oldest version works fine (defender directly updated). With the later release, i can still update defender. I unpacked mpas-fe, stop the service and copy manually the files mpasbase.vdm, mpasdlta.vdm and mpengine.dll into the folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users.NT\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Definition Updates\Default. Well, when i restart the service and launch Defender, it starts and recognizes the new version so installed. This, until the archived definition update 1.199.1500.0 (june 2015). But from the next available update, included the current mpas-fe, after the manual copy, the service doesn't run anymore. Maybe somebody can confirm me this failure from late 2015 depends on the end of the defender support for XP. Otherwise, please, if somebody still updates defender, the question is clear... how do you update it today? Thanks for the replies and ideas
  11. Your likely "counter move...": disable SSL3 in the security protocols, delete data and reload the page.
  12. Cov3rt, i do it only with Opera and its embedded source viewer. When you change something and press the apply changes button, Opera automatically reloads the page so changed. I believe that Firefox doesn't do this.
  13. MSFN will be online as long as donations allow

    I don't want to believe
  14. Thanks Jumper, but it doesn't work for me. I believe because Opera run the user javascript before the page has loaded. What do you think about it?
  15. You're right! So, manually, it's too slow and intricate... Maybe an user javascript should be enough