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  1. I don't know if this is correlated, but i noticed that Flash on windows 98 not working properly for some time. YouTube page loads the plugin normally, the context menu shows the relative items, but the but screen remains totally black.
  2. From version 11, the mail panel is automatically shown when the read window is opened. I am wondering if exists a method for turn it off permanently. Please, can anyone help me?
  3. # sdfox7 Interesting detail. Thanks a lot for your reply.
  4. Sdfox, please, i have a short question for you. With IE6, javascript disabled and using the parameter gws_rd=ssl, google works fine for me. But only google! Are you able to load also other sites with IE 5/5.5?
  5. Hello, thanks to both of you. Sdfox7, i'm also sorry for the delay in replying. I cannot download the full defs, because in this days i have only a connection too slow for a big download like this. But i just started the download four days ago, and the browswer shows me a total size of 119.074.336 bytes. Now, trying again, it's still unchanged. Yes, you are right. The last reference (that i founded) talked about april 2013. Three extra years have been a good gift! Perhaps this could be the right time... except new surprises like for the 200 MB trouble
  6. I noticed that the last VPS on my installation is the following: 160331-2. A more recent version seems not avalaible. Has anyone tried an update of the own definitions after this date on a pc with different OS? I cannot establish if it's about an issue and this depends from windows 98 or the support was dropped for all and the 160331-2 was the last definitive definition for Avast 4.8
  7. Well, i searched for old updates (POST UR1) in italian language and i have founded these addresses: All these are avalaible on Wayback Machine.You need only copy and paste the relative address on web.archive.orgI hope this will be useful to someone in the future. A little note... From KB94XXXX i have founded only last five in my list.The strange thing is that all these five are still avalaible from Microsoft (!) and their have been saved by Wayback Machine only 1 time on marzo 10, 2016, i.e. today! What do you think?
  8. Have you ever applied this? Windows 98 Second Edition Shutdown Supplement Also, take a look here if you have never done Problems Shutting Down Windows 98 Second Edition
  9. The umpteenth image viewer! For the joy of ZortMcGort11 CiV - Common Image Viewer, small, simple and nice look. I like to mention it because officially is built for xp, but runs fine also on Windows 98 without kernelex
  10. Hi all. These should be the original links from microsoft for italian SP4: 1) download page: 2) direct link: They are already present into Internet Archive
  11. Sorry, i don't understand. Where are you copying this? I think submix8c is right. In KB892211 i found this: Applies to Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition (32-bit x86) Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition (32-bit x86) Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Web Edition Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Microsoft Windows XP Professional Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server
  12. Perhaps i can suggest you this simple "hardware" solution: set the power button of your pc as a standby button. These are the steps: press right-click on your desktop, then properties -> screen saver -> power -> advanced. Therefore select Standby in "When i press the power button on my computer".
  13. For those interested, Avast update certainly works again! Last december i unistalled Avast, therefore i could not try before today. Now, i reinstalled it and, with the last definitions, proceeded a manual update without problems. Edit: add a screenshot Edit 2: for the record, also the auto-update is ok, as for patclash
  14. This is interesting! I just noticed that the actual VPS is again plenty under the critical (and so bloated) threshold of 200 MB. Now is 105,1 MB!!!
  15. I like to do a mention for the old (1992) floppy disk utility HD-Copy by Oliver Fromme. It was released as cardware. Only 45,8 KB for a highly customizable and rich set of features. Among these are the expected commons functions: format (various standard and no-standard formats), verify, boot sector rewrite, image management and bla bla bla... But also allows you to shield floppies with a password, and above all has (my opinion) a great feature, named FAT selection, that enable the possibility to create a floppy image copying, instead of the whole disk, only the tracks containing data. Maybe, the only "contraindication" is that protected floppy and image so created can be handled by HD-Copy only, otherwise are unusable.