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  1. Thanks for the coming addition!
  2. Thank you for your great proggy! I have however the problem that I installed Windows 8 at drive D:! And now Aero Glass Tweaker GUI for Win8 v1.1.6 doesn't work: it says: Cannot find ... at C:\DWM... Is it possible to customize the HD to which it must be addressed to? Something like an .ini-file in which it is possible to change the default C-drive to D-drive? That would be great! Hope that is possible! EDIT: Meanwhile I found a workaround: I just copied the DWM-folder to my C-drive, and that works! But it would be nice, of course, to have the opportunity to choose the drive at which Windows 8 is installed on.
  3. No, there is no 32-bit version. This is only a preview. Please be patient. Thanks for answering! It is good to know that a 32-bit version is/will be developed.
  4. Hi all, Just joined this forum! I searched for "x86", as I use/have the Windows 86-bits version, but there no hits returned . Does this mean there is no x86-version of this nice tool DWMHook03.7z? If not: is it possible to develop? Many thanks! Paul