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  1. There is no blur, so that is really ugly. I prefer from far what Bigmuscle did. The cpu load muss be also higher with WindowsBlind. Yes, with the blurring of Bigmuscle it would be better. Do not argue. But as long as there is WindowBlinds8. Here is a working crack for WindowBlinds8 and one theme
  2. To Windows 8.1 works WindowBlinds8 Just need to buy the program or crack for software WindowBlinds8
  3. I did not do it at all, I downloaded it from this site. Just two different topics, I made ​​one
  4. DosProbie Thank you !!! Indeed it works. Excellent.
  5. In your file, a virus or a program that monitors the computer. This oche bad.
  6. Windows Blue is under testing so to be expected I would imagine. BigMuscle is working with RTM. Yeah, I guess it will work on next Windows without a problem but it will need to pack shader programs (two very short files) together with my application. These files are very simple so it is no problem but I don't want to do it now because I can reuse that one in Win8 DWM. Well, thank you for your work. We'll wait.
  7. Does not work on Windows 8 build 9364, so sorry.
  8. Delete the imported registry setting, reboot (the dll wont be loaded now) and then delete the files Or so.
  9. Of course, crash will be fixed in next version. But I do not intend to implement rounded corners directly into my utility. I very much want to get at least one version without cmd, can even beta.
  10. DWMHook05.7z
  11. I have written for you to know. And I have all the standard.
  12. after use v0.5 Cracked Steam it became impossible to play, image is blurry
  13. you could try also different values - e.g. 0x9100 or 0x9200. yes works 0x9100 or 0x9200 or 0x9300 works Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM] "Composition"=dword:00000001 "GlassTransparency"=dword:0000002e "BlurDeviation"=dword:00000018 "DeviceFeatureLevel"=dword:00009300 DeviceFeatureLevel