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  1. Yes, it generates. Here:
  2. This method is still need UxThemeSignatureBypass or it's standalone?
  3. In Windows 10 + WindowFX 6.0 (5.15 didn't work on W10) after big amount of animations done by windows/menues effect just disappers and then crashs explorer.exe or dwm.exe. Need fix to use both of this tools together... Please help.
  4. I don't understand - how to apply custom theme with UxThemeSignatureBypass in Windows 10586.318. In 8.1. all works fine. In W10 all registry values the same. Try to apply theme for W10 10586 from Nothing happens from Personalisation. Please help. I don't want to use UxStyle, i like UxThemeSignatureBypass.
  5. On Windows 10 on notebook + WindowFX 6.0 there is no crashes for several days but i used him not so much time. On Windows 8.1 + WindowFX 5.15 no crahes, but after several hours of work WindowFX effects just dissapears wihout crashes or errors. It's need to run WindowFX exe, disable and enable program to reenable effects. Any thoughts about this issue? I will try to disable AG for checking is there is a confllict between them.
  6. Upgraded WindowFX 5.15 to 6.0 on work computer with Windows 7, and catch several crashes of dwm process on native Windows 7! I think this is WindowFX 6.0 version issue. Now at home on my main comp downgrading to version 5.15 and testing... I'll wrote about results... In WindowFX 6.0 is added support for Windows 10, therefore i can't use version 5.15 on Windows 10. EDIT: It's true - after downgrading WindowFX from version 6.0 to 5.15 (uninstall 6.0 and after install 5.15) i have no one crash on my Windows 8.1 several hours at raw. It seems to be a WindowFX 6.0 issue. I'll be testing W10 with WFX 6.0...
  7. On notebook i use Windows 10 latest and AeroGlass 1.4.5 and WindowFX 6.0, no one crash 2 days, but i use it not so much time as main comp. On my work computer on Windows 7 i use WindowFX 5.15 and native windows aeroglass no problems too, uses it whole work day. It must be the way to make them work together on Windows 8.1. Please, bigmuscle, you are so smart in this, i don't believe that you can't solve with problem...
  8. Hello! About 2 years using BM AeroGlass on Windows 8, after on Windows 8.1 with license and donation without any problems. Two days ago i installed Stardock WindowFX 6.0 trial version. Works normal at 1st look. But periodically in moment when WindowFX must make some of his effects desktop image freezes for 1-2 second, after display blinks, aeroglass disappears and enables quickly. Looks like the dwm process restarts. No events created, no crashdumps in system folder. Only crashdump in AeroGlass folder appears every time. In debug.log nothing wrong with enabled logging all events in it. I use Windows 8.1 x64 Pro with MC, Russian, license. AMD FX-8320, Radeon R9 270X latest drivers. Soft: StartIsBack+, UxTheme Signature Bypassing dll by BM, OldNewExplorer. Please help me. P.S. Sorry for my english... Crashdump:
  9. It's a right click menu on the metro apps tiles.
  10. I have a problem with MMORPG "Rappelz": Link to crashdumps:
  11. I'm confused,,, When i start the game to make crashdump, it don't start at all. In events now error with BigMuscle UxTheme Bypass DLL (x32).
  12. Find an issue. There is a conflict with MMORPG Ruppelz ( Game starts and fall with error after several seconds. After uninstalling OldNewExplorer game runs normal. Windows 8.1 x64 Pro WMC with all updates. Here events:
  13. Win 8.1 - it broken too.
  14. I don't know about Firefox, but in Chrome (i use Iron) you can find in store theme for Chrome with semitransparent tabs same as border of window.
  15. Look at your BlurDeviation value: 0x80000001 - it too big! It can be from 1 to 100 decimal or from 1 to 64 hex. Try to set it 0x0000001e (it's default value = 30 in dec).