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  1. Is there is any progress with UxTSB.dll injecting by DWMGlass.dll and logon problem?
  2. No, I don't think so. In debug.log is present starting of DWMGlass.dll injecting. I think that aerohost.exe must to start after winlogon.exe, and if aerohost.exe starts before winlogon.exe - injects DWMGlass.dll into dwm, didn't find winlogon, after that winlogon.exe runs without UxtSB injected. May be aerohost.exe better run as service?
  3. Maybe it injects too late or too early? On my main comp with SSD login fails only if quick enter password. If I wait 1-2 sec or slowly enter my password - login succesfull. On note with HDD I can't login at all.
  4. On my work on x32 Windows 10 I use the old one. It works with some visual bugs.
  5. No, it is not changing anything. Just minute ago i disabled Fast Startup at my note in Windows power settings, disable App_Init... and placed UxTSB.dll in the folder with DWMGlas.dll. Then I restarted note. Now I have neverending logging into Windows...
  6. Hmmm, tomorrow on my work I check it. Maybe today in the evening on note check, it's in use at this moment. Taday I again checked it on my main home comp. I restarted computer and quickly entered pass and pressed Enter - screen is blinked quickly and logon screen appeares again. From 2nd time logon succesfull. But on SSD it is enough to wait 0.5-1 sec and no bug in logon. In debug.log no abnormal entries. I make reboot several times, but bug is not every time. Maybe because of different boot time or something else. Were fastboot need to be disabled? In Windows or in BIOS? Or in both?
  7. May it be because of no password set? On these both comps there is no password set for acc. And system autologins without it. But with UxTSB.dll through DWMGlass.dll it fails... App_Init method works...
  8. Notice one problem.... On my home computer with system on SSD on loading system if i quick enter the password of my account, system often not starts - it is black screen some seconds (5-10) and then login screen again. 2nd time it all right. Now after appearing of logon screen and entering password I waiting some seconds and them press Enter and all right. It starts after I start use new UxTSB.dll via DWMGlass.dll. On my working comp it's 32 bit version of Win10. And I tried to use lateset UxTSB.dll on them and I can't login into Windows. There is no password on them. And I recieved auto restarting logon screen. After about 5-10 times logon stops restarting. And I can't login. I press "Enter" and black screen and login screen again... I think that it was 32 bit version problem. But today I installed 1.5.2 to my home note with 64 bit Windows 10. And I recieve same problem on it too. On all my 3 comps I use 3rd party themes. And only on my main comp with ssd new UxTSB.dll works from 2nd time. And no works at all on not so quick comps. Will use App_init method for UxTSB.dll on them. Any help? P.S. During this bug in debug.log many times repeats one abnormal string: [2017-01-07 23:38:56][0x51C:0x520] VirtualAllocEx failed with error 5 - Отказано в доступе. Отказано в доступе. - Translate is "Access denied" All other strings are normal.
  9. Thanks! It's good!
  10. Mmmmm, If I use TxUSB.dll loaded from DWMGlass.dll - can I replace DWMGlass.dll on this dbg dll? Will it loads TxUSB.dll? Thank you!
  11. It's allready updated on the ofsite:
  12. Please, help me with my problem: Every time when wallpaper is changed and autocolorization changes color of active frames it disables option "Use glass color for inactive frames" on "Glass colors" tab and "Use active accent color for inactive frames" on "Accent" tab. Every time I need to open AeroGlass GUI and enable this options again or inactive frmes has no color. On all me 3 comps: note - Windows 10 x64 13493.321 AeroGlass 1.5.1, work - Windows 10 x32 13493.321 AeroGlass 1.5.1, my home - Windows 10 x64 13493.321 AeroGlass last debug version. EDIT: Not every change of background canceles depending inactive frames color from active frames color... But periodically... I don't understand when it happens... But often...
  13. raiden89, I just wanted to say that on my machine with key present "RequireSignedAppInit_DLLs" dll's are NOT loaded at all. I deleted this key and dlls starts to load. This started after Anniversary Update.
  14. Thats why I asked BigMuscle: If theme allready have all for glow (atlas from theme have it), may be it is possible to take glow direct from theme without atlas?