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  1. If MS remove classic personalization panel at all, it's not so scare - it's exists 3rd party software for this: Personalization Panel for Windows 10 by Winaero
  2. I'm agreed with you - not so many peoples need that stripes. And I didn't know that it's so... hard to support. Please, if you will have some free time, think about some... implementation of this feature. You can make this as option, with possibility to disable it if it stops to work or became buggy due to AeroGlass updates or Windows updates. On my work several computers with Windows 7 yet. And I everyday see that stripes on them. I must say that taskbar with native Windows 7 aero looks very nice. And stripes on it makes this look just impressive!
  3. But can't you make support for Aero Glass in SiB?
  4. As I understand, there is no way to have stripes on taskbar same as in Windows 7? It's sad...
  5. Yes, it's right. But on NoelC's screen written "Better borders and translucency via Aero Glass for Win8+". But there is no properly working version of AeroGlass for Version 1703... That's why I ask...
  6. NoelC, wich version of AeroGlass you're using on 1703 Windows version?
  7. carlitosoo555, Where did this information come from?
  8. But why I can't find stripes in file? I opened it via Windows Style Builder, and I find only stripes on borders of taskbands, but they a too low saturated to be noticed... How stripes can be in if there is no reflection image in it? And only when I add reflection image to DWMWindow class in my theme style I can see stripes on taskbar. I tried to use for taskbar and no stripes on it... I apologize for importunity... Maybe I don't understand something... Maybe SiB reproduce stripes not through image, but any other way... But why they don't work for me? P.S. Yes! I find them! 2 or 3 stripes was behind my pinned icons. But why they so weak? How I can make them stronger? And where is the image of them to edit? P.P.S. It's strange that system tray icons moves stripes to left on taskbar. I have many tray icons and stripes moves bihind my pinned to taskbar icons... Therefore, in my free space on taskbar (it's on the center of taskbar) I don't have any stripe...
  9. Perfomed some tests today. Summary: 1. AeroSquared style from your link doesn't have stripes. I opened it in WSB and DWMWindow class not contain reflection image. 2. Even adding DWMWindow class with reflection image to this style not enabled stripes not on taskbar not on SiB menu. 3. Stripes on taskbar appears when main theme style contains reflection image. Therefore, SiB reads reflection image from main theme style, not from SiB styles. 4. Stripes on SiB menu didn't work at any case. 5. Stripes on taskbands didn't work too. Or they intansity too low to see them.
  10. I use this style for Menu and for taskbar, but I don't see any stripe...
  11. How to add glass reflection image (so called Aero Stripes) like in Windows 7 to taskbar? To window frames they works after adding intansity of "Glass reflection intansity" option in AeroGlass GUI by BM. But I don't see them on taskbar.
  12. I think about this too. I think that quick logon can be unsuccessful if aerohost didn't have injects UxTSB in time. And unsigned theme can't be loaded and this fall back us to logon screen. But services loads earlier than tasks. Task Scheduler is the service itself. 1st it loads and only after that it starts to perform tasks. So service will load aerohost and injects UxTSB.dll faster than task... At this moment I checking just that. Allready was rebooted about 10 times and every boot I try quick enter the password. All logons was successful for now. I'm sure that loading aerohost by task allready shows up the bug. Continue testing...
  13. Finally! I find the problem that causes the bug with neverending logon! It was the ESET Smart Security! His HIPS system don't allow aerohost.exe process to change the system process - winlogon.exe! I just make the rule for aerohost.exe and now I will try to reboot! Autologon starts to logon successfully. Now left 1 problem - when system quick logins, aerohost.exe often can't get in time to inject UxTSB.dll before unsigned theme is loaded. 2nd time is successful usually.
  14. Tried to start AeroHost.exe after Windows started and logoned. Placed UxTSB.dll in folder with DWMGlas.dll and started AeroHost task. From debug.log I can see that UxTSB.dll is injecting into explorer.exe. But when it must be injected in winlogon.exe it causes the [2017-04-13 10:43:07][0x23C0:0x1A94] VirtualAllocEx failed with error 5 - Access denied. [2017-04-13 10:43:11][0x23C0:0x1A94] VirtualAllocEx failed with error 5 - Access denied. [2017-04-13 10:43:15][0x23C0:0x1A94] winlogon.exe process crashed several times. DLL injection has been stopped. Why DWMGlas can't inject in winlogon.exe and causes him to crash? That's the problem.
  15. Difference is that my local account without password and logon starts automatically by Windows himself. I don't know how NetPLWiz make auto-logon. Maybe through non standart way or something else. I try to know what produce this bug. And what differences between my main home comp and 2 other comps where the bug is happenes... Tomorrow I'll try to add delay to start AeroHost.exe in Task Scheduller... Thanks for advice.