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  1. Thanks! It's good!
  2. Mmmmm, If I use TxUSB.dll loaded from DWMGlass.dll - can I replace DWMGlass.dll on this dbg dll? Will it loads TxUSB.dll? Thank you!
  3. It's allready updated on the ofsite:
  4. Please, help me with my problem: Every time when wallpaper is changed and autocolorization changes color of active frames it disables option "Use glass color for inactive frames" on "Glass colors" tab and "Use active accent color for inactive frames" on "Accent" tab. Every time I need to open AeroGlass GUI and enable this options again or inactive frmes has no color. On all me 3 comps: note - Windows 10 x64 13493.321 AeroGlass 1.5.1, work - Windows 10 x32 13493.321 AeroGlass 1.5.1, my home - Windows 10 x64 13493.321 AeroGlass last debug version. EDIT: Not every change of background canceles depending inactive frames color from active frames color... But periodically... I don't understand when it happens... But often...
  5. raiden89, I just wanted to say that on my machine with key present "RequireSignedAppInit_DLLs" dll's are NOT loaded at all. I deleted this key and dlls starts to load. This started after Anniversary Update.
  6. Thats why I asked BigMuscle: If theme allready have all for glow (atlas from theme have it), may be it is possible to take glow direct from theme without atlas?
  7. Noel, I just want to say: 1. I use Aero 7 theme by sagorpirbd for Windows 10 14393. 2. With this theme it's no glow on text of ribbon-enabled windows titles. 3. For adding that glow I must use theme atlas. 4. I export theme atlas from Aero 7 theme by sagorpirbd for Windows 10 14393 using AeroGlass GUI tool. 5. At least I enabled using My new theme atlas and recieved glow on text of ribbon-enableв windows titles. Result: I use Aero 7 theme + theme atlas created from that theme. Is it not strange? Using theme+theme altas I mean... I always think that it need to use only one of this...
  8. At this moment I use Aero 7 theme with theme atlas created from this theme. Because theme atlas is not change all that change theme... It strange - using theme with it's theme atlas for all effects...
  9. Wrong link. 404 error.
  10. It's impossible to load glow from theme?
  11. But you're only one who has this issue. It's mean that something in your system is wrong or conflicting... And check is "RequireSignedAppInit_DLLs"=dword:00000000 key present in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows, if so delete this key. From Anniversary Update this key not needed and it makes troubles or issuies.
  12. You are used ModernFrame.dll before? Or any other dll that injecting by App_InitDLLs registry tweak? Please make copy exported reg-file or screen of your HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows registry path and paste there. We will try to help.
  13. It's strange, but i can add glow for ribbon-enabled windows that way: I use Aero 7 theme by sagorpirbd. It don't make glow for text on ribbon-enabled windows titles. With using any theme atlas from Noel's links, glow apeears... But i didn't like buttons from this atlases. With help of AeroGUI tool i exported theme atlas from applyed Aero 7 theme and saved him. After i apply them with GUI tool and glow appears! Therefore i use Aero 7 theme with theme atlas from this theme. And glow works. Question: Why this glow effect works only with any theme atlas and didn't work with theme from which this atlas was created?
  14. I install new version too, but system loads as usual. I'm using OCZ Vertex SSD. Windows x64 Pro 14393.321.