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  1. Never mind i figured it out.
  2. Hey guys. I'm a newbie here hoping to find some help to a problem I've been having for a few months. To start with my hard drive died so I had it replaced. The guys who replaced it reloaded the OS, which is 2002 XP MCE, sorry if I'm in the wrong forum btw but that one looked dead. Anyway, I have Comcast Internet and they give me free Norton 360. So I go to reload Norton after I get my computer back and I keep getting an error message that says that something is wrong terminal services. When I go to the link provided by Norton it says to go "start >run > services.msc" and make sure that terminal services and remote call are both set to automatic and are on. Well remote call is OK,. but terminal services does not show up at all. I've looked in the system 32 driver folder and termsrv.dll is there. I've even deleted it and replaced it but still nothing happens. I really don't want to take it back to the guys who replaced the hard drive because every time I drive past their shop they want to delete all my files and everything but Norton seems to be working fine. Any ideas?