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  1. yes i found folder OEM , and in my source there is winnt.sif , so i think my source is not original... but at this time very difficult to download xp sp 3 original iso , can you help me to download windows xp sp3 original ? thanks before...
  2. can you give me information about what file generated by nlite ? i just know last session.ini , last session_u.ini , is winnt.sif is generated by nlite ? if yes , can i delete it from source did you know other file than las session.ini and last session_u.ini , winnt.sif ?
  3. You are not starting with a fresh set of install files. Or your source is not original. About the bug, as you say you don't load last session, it should not apply. what did you meant bro ? so what must i do ? is i must use fresh source of windows xp sp 3 ( not yet use with nlite before) ? or is i must use fresh install of nlite ?
  4. can you tell me more friend ? i dont understand sorry friend , detail please
  5. i get same error message but with other username in username box [users] Administrator|||True|Administrators||False|False|True Guest|||False|Guests||True|False|False what wrong... i dont load previous setting , but i dont know how nlite load like cd key , and other except user tab help me ?
  6. so i must set Administrator as NOT active ? i will try and report back
  7. so how i can use fully automated and auto logon friend ?
  8. i think i am checked the load last session , so , where is the problem ? but in user tab , only administrator and guest , and in last session.ini , only administrator and guest only ... so how friend ?
  9. sorry, this is my attachment
  10. hello , every one , i want to ask about nlite , it's about Full automated & auto logon , i use xp sp 3 when i add new user as admin , and i dont set the password and i compile , and i get error , in other case , i dont add user , so the user is only administrator and guest , but the error is in username its filled with my previous user and also the password , i am very confuse about it. i have attach the image please help me sorry for my bad english