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  1. Got home from work today to find the new They Might Be Giants album ("Nanobots") in the mail. That was an unexpected but welcome surprise.

  2. Nevertheless, I really didn't need to spend my time worrying about hardware failure, let alone spend the money to replace a disk.

  3. I'm really enjoying it, but it's amazing how much less the set design looked like bad community theater back when I was five years old.

  4. Crazy things I worry about at 5 AM: what happens if I sustain a brain injury that causes me to forget all of my computer passwords?

  5. Hurray for 1 AM fire alarms!

  6. Speaking both of old news *and* Ikuhara's past work, I just learned of Tomoko Kawakami's (Utena's VA) death in early 2011. A true shame.