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  1. Last night I formated the drive to NTFS, which is what was on it to begin with. I now have full use of the drive, and you can be sure I won't be using ReadyBoost again.
  2. I have a 16GB Datastick Pro flash drive that I hadn't been using, so decided to put it to work using Readyboost. I didn't see much improvement, so wanted to revert to using it for storage only. I opened Properties, told it not to use the device for Readyboost, hit Apply--and now the flash drive shows only 389 MB of free memory. It says it's not being using for Readyboost, but I can't use it for much of anything anymore on my laptop. Interestingly, on my desktop, which has XP, it sees it as an empty drive and I can copy files onto it with no problem However, the files I need to copy are on my laptop, not my desktop. I was thinking of just reformatting it, but thought I'd see if anyone has another solution first. In case there's no other solution, I will format the drive, but right now the FS properties say NTFS, and I've found information online that says flash drives should be reformatted to Fat32, so is Windows 7 not reading the stick correctly? And if I do have to format, would it be NTFS or Fat32? I've also read about "exFat", but don't see an option for that.