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  1. I get black screen and i am not allowed to attach any files yet but this is what my debug say: [0x178C] Installing DWM hook... [0x178C] DWM: 0xF0, error = 0 [0x178C] Module: C:\DWM\DWMHook.dll [0x178C] RemoteDLLName: 0xDBC00000 [0x178C] WriteProcessMemory: 1, error 0 [0x178C] LoadLibrary: 0x652328AC [0x178C] CreateRemoteThread: 0xF4 error 0
  2. I just found out that it is really dependant on GPU drivers,cuz with the latest Nvidia drivers 314.07 i get the black screen and must force restart,but with 310.90 it works without any problems what so ever,low cpu/gpu usage no lag no matter how many open windows etc.....