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  1. This doesn't seem to be a real round corner. There must be a round corner theme somewhere! No one knows?
  2. DosProbie is that a round corner theme that is seen above? If it is, can you please post the download link? Thanks in advance.
  3. I have been asking desperately... Is there a round corner theme for w8 or not? Someone please answer!
  4. How can I read the active window colour ? (I'll add a checkbox for rounded corners.)
  5. Can someone tell me if there is a round corner theme for w8?
  6. Can someone tell me if there is a round corner theme for w8?
  7. Actually it should work well if we can find a rounded corner theme. It would be very cool to have that option in the tweaker if it is not a big hassle for you. Pls, pls, pls... Also color picker for inactive windows... Pls, pls, pls...
  8. Do you know of any round edged theme Bigmuscle? Or anyone else?
  9. 1) that sort of white glow behind the title text of windows, which makes it easy to read the title text despite transparency in Win 7 2) rounded corners for windows 3) shadow round edge of window 4) glowing buttons (close, minimise, maximise) Can someone please tell me which of the above really exists in a theme? There must be a theme which has glowing buttons at least, right? If there is such a theme, could you please share the download link?
  10. Same here. Please let us know if such a theme exists.
  11. v0.5 works perfect here.
  12. In 0.4 or in that private build? Private build but it is fine now after a restart. No lag at all.
  13. I added this: "DeviceFeatureLevel"=dword:00009300 and now it works. -----edit----- Yes it works but there is considerable amount of lag when minimizing windows.
  14. Well our systems are lacking something actually present in yours. A missing dll or something.
  15. Same here. Screen goes black for a second but no transparency after. All is same -just opaque. Preview 3 works perfect though. debug.log.txt