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  1. How about Directx10/11 ? The F1 2012 would work with dx10 dlls what i see, but the wined3d dlls seems to be don't working on Windows 2000 with this kernel, because game is not opening, without wined3d dlls game is only showing a Statement about needing of DX10/11 support.
  2. @tomasz86 I installed the new daily UURollup11.Installer is showed can't been to install. @submix8c Yes,is in Beta.I will to install this.
  3. Hello,this is my first post.I use Windows 2000 7 days.I can't install Blue Stacks in this system i start the install and installator show a communication which is Blue Stacks can't been installed.I try with KDW by Black Wing Cat this communication i show. Sorry for my badly English .