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  1. Hi again, ALL done. Tested the batch file AND installed that app... view reverted back to the old way like I am used too, and it doesn't even give me the reg metro ugly style (or any style lol) for the already known types. Thank You both...Works like a charm
  2. Hi, I'm using Windows 8 Pro. 64-bit. Windows update works fine, no problem there...BUT... When I download a stand-alone update (from the Windows download center), it will NOT run/open/install the downloaded stand-alone updates (*.MSU files). I've also looked under the " Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Default Programs " and the associated file type/protocol has changed to UniversalExtractor. I've uninstalled it - it didn't help. Even tried to associate it to the Update Installer (wusa.exe), which of course got a popup saying " it cannot be associated with this program ". same goes by trying to associate with pkgmgr.exe and/or msiexec.exe association (by trail & error) didn't work either. (hoping to avoid a windows 8 refresh that will also destroy everything already installed except the store app's). ANY help to resolve the matter will be greatly appreciated. With Utmost Respect, Me.