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  1. Thanks! I'm guessing that's a result of being a Live account? I have noticed that the network indicator in the lower left takes a while to connect. Any thoughts on speeding that up? I could convert back to a local account, but that would be somewhat counter productive.
  2. this should work: Google drive
  3. I have no Group Policies (at least none that aren't just whatever comes set with Windows). Network drive could be a possibility, I'll get rid of them and check. Edit: Network drives removed, no appreciable difference.
  4. I Feel your pain...What app are you using to get your boot-time in pic? also how is the speed on loading your ie browser or other browser webpages vs Win7? I'm using the SDK from the sticky, and then snipping tool to make a picture for ease of formatting. Everything is good once the computer is running, other than my complaints about performance of metro apps. (There is no way a game of minesweeper should make my computer stutter when I can run real games without issue.) Computer specs in case it's relevant: i5 2500k @~4 Ghz 32GB DDR3-1600 256GB Crucial M4 system drive (95GB free) 1TB WD Black storage drive GTX670 running 2560x1440 res
  5. Since I updated to Windows 8, I've had issues with really slow start up. I've been poking at the boot logging, and while it tells me the section that is slow, I don't see what's causing the slow down. On Win7, I could do a full reboot in under a minute, now I'm waiting over that for just the one step. It feels twice as annoying because it allows me to enter my password while I wait. What should I be looking for? Thanks, Cam