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  1. Hey MagicAndre, Thnx a ton!!!!!!...disabling Driver Verifier did it!!!!!! this was enabled by default on my system....win7 came with the laptop.Now the CPU is 12% on folder access, while typical CPU is 2-3%. Do let me know which report you saw on the WPA, i had tried, but could not figure which process was utilizing the CPU. Thnx once again....u da man. Thanks & Regards Ashley
  2. Thnx MagicAndre... I checked all three Intel AHCI, Realtek and Broadcom ....all reverted with the latest driver is already installed (this is a 5 month old lenovoZ580 with win7 laptop).I do get BSODs sometimes, mainly caused by NVIDIA...but that too has the latest driver installed.I have disabled driver verifier. Thanks & Regards Ashley
  3. Hey MagicAndre, Thnx for the reply.....just back from a nice vacation.Please find the link of the trace, this trace is taken whenever i access folders on the system. The CPU usage shoots to 100% on folder access else it remains at 30-40% which i guess is standard. Thanks & Regards Ashley
  4. Thanks MagicAndre......MCAfee was expired and after removing it, system seems fine, using commodo as a firewall and security essentials as an anti virus. Although one strange problem does persist, on opening any new application or even a folder, the CPU usage shoots to 100% for a second to two!!!!!
  5. Hi MagicAndre, Got a new laptop 4 months back, Lenovo Z580, till a week, back everything was fine, but now its about 80-100% full CPU utilization.No process utilizing more than 10% (aggregate maybe 30%)(all users checked). Cannot understand the reason.In safe mode its perfectly fine.(CPU 2%) I downloaded the win perf kit and tried the steps in your blogs, but was unable to find the options (graph "CPU sampling per CPU" ), maybe its different in the new perf kit version. i uploaded Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks & Regards Ashley