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  1. Trace why Windows 8 boots, shutsdown or hibernates slowly

    Hi there, My Windows 8 loads really slowly and behaves generally terribly. I have for ages checked the task manager and it often says things like 1.5MB/s - 100% Disk usage, which seems totally wrong... The task manager is another thing that's slow, if I ask for it, it takes about a minute to appear and if I use CTRL+SHIFT+ESC multiple times, when it decides to show itself it shows two copies of the task manager, one full mode and one the stripped down mode... I have tried to do the boot analysis as a beginning point to see what is going on and I get errors when I try to process the two ETL files that appear: Using cmd as an Admin, I get the following output when I try to process the files into XML: C:\temp>xperf /tti -i boot_BASE+CSWITCH+DRIVERS+POWER_1_km_premerge.etl -o summary_boot.xml -a boot[1/2] 100.0%[2/2] 100.0%Execute: boot [0x80004005]C:\temp>xperf /tti -i boot_BASE+CSWITCH+DRIVERS+POWER_1_um_premerge.etl -o summary_boot_um.xml -a boot[1/2] 100.0%[2/2][-] 0.1%warning: EventSink {08bf3547-4cf4-4f28-9ea7-95267fb97af6} signaled an Invalid Event: Event#: 726252 (T#0:#726252) TimeStamp: 341361587, Process: 2172, Thread: 3292, Cpu: 2 ProviderId: {30336ed4-e327-447c-9de0-51b652c86108} EventDescriptor: 0x2581 0x2581 0x01 0x00 0x10 0x04 0x8000000004010000 UserDataLength: 0[2/2] 100.0%Execute: boot [0x8000ffff]Then the generated XML files say: For "boot_BASE+CSWITCH+DRIVERS+POWER_1_km_premerge.etl", the XML file has the following error: "Boot action failed: Could not locate ExplorerReady event or mark.". For "boot_BASE+CSWITCH+DRIVERS+POWER_1_um_premerge.etl", the XML file has the following error: "Boot action failed: No disk IOs found.". Any help would be much appreciated, thanks. =)
  2. Aero Glass for Win8 RC4

    I'm a huge advocate for this software as it brings back what I think is one of the key forward thinking concepts in GUI design. I was so glad when I stumbled across this project, and RC3 works flawlessly. I'd be willing to help out with a Windows 8.1 version of the project if you'd like. =) The screenshot probably doesn't show how glitchy it is, but it looks great from the screenshot!
  3. Aero Glass for Win8 RC4

    Hi Rayn19, I moved the slider and as soon as I did the transparency burst into life, even when I put it back high again, is this a bug in the 0.8(5) versions? I still get the messages when I go to the Screen Resolution page and I don't know if it will continue to work on a reboot. (Also is there any way to change the inactive colour, because I can barely distinguish them from each other [much like Windows 7].)
  4. Aero Glass for Win8 RC4

    Thanks Rayn19, I downloaded version 0.85 and I get the following dialogues: And my current debug log: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28476963/AeroGlass/debug.log I'm running Windows 8 Professional with Media Centre x64 and the version 0.5 loads fine. (This laptop came with Windows 7 Home Premium x86 back when I bought it so I assume it's not a secure boot issue?)
  5. Aero Glass for Win8 RC4

    Database weirded out and posted twice. Delete please, thanks =)
  6. Aero Glass for Win8 RC4

    Extract the 7z archive to a folder, for example "C:/DWM", now rgt click on LoadGlass_AppInit_DLLs.reg and select edit, now replace the AppInit_DLLs value as per the location of your extracted files, as per the example "C://DWM//DWMGlass.dll". Save the file and merge it with registry. Restart your computer and Aero Glass should start. Thanks for the reply. =)I tried doing this but the Aero glass doesn't load on reboot, however the version 0.5 with the exe file continues to work. I wonder why this is. Do I need to edit more registry entries than the ones given to get it to work? Thanks.
  7. Aero Glass for Win8 RC4

    Wow this has changed a lot since I was last here, would someone mind please telling me how to get this working now that the zips no longer come with an exe file? Thanks. =)
  8. Aero Glass for Win8 RC4

    Wow I never thought I'd see the day! It works lovely on Windows 8 (after adding some registry entries), so thank you! I cannot wait for the first release without the command prompt always being open. =D I also really hope this continues to work in Windows 8 Blue. EDIT: I am using this in conjunction with Ex7forW8 and when I activate it, after the first black flash all windows look like Windows 7 (rounded corners and all the other looks) without transparency enabled, which makes me wonder if there is a way to make them look like this permanently EDIT2: Here is a screenshot of what I mean: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/28476963/AeroGlassWindows7.png Will you be releasing the source code soon? ^^I doubt I can be of any help at all, but I'd love to read it (I'm fascinated by DLL injections and Windows behaviour modifications).