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  1. Asus K53SV http://www.asus.com/Notebooks_Ultrabooks/K53SV/
  2. I went there but no fans are detected.. the Fans and Fan Control tab are just empty
  3. Hello Andre, I installed Speedfan but not really sure if it's working properly here.. From what I remember there used to be individual controls for fans, the only thing I can see here is temperature display..
  4. Hello MagicAndre, I monitored the temp of CPU, and last time the problem started and Interrupts fired up everywhere, the cpu was around 75°C. Not sure if this is due to temperature though, as yesterday I ran some tests too, but I wasn't able to trigger the problem, even though temperature of the cpu reached as high as 100°C. In any case, if acpi.sys is supposed to prevent the computer from overheating.. then isn't it a bit bogus that by doing so it uses the full charge of one of the cores and hence makes the whole thing heat even more? Thanks for your help E.
  5. Hello all, I've had the same kind of issues with my laptop running Win 7 Pro 64bits for a couple of months, I've searched tons of threads trying to find what the problem is, but so far nothing has worked Process Explorer shows that sometimes, "Interrupts" will just fire up and start using 10-12% of the CPU charge continuously, all on one of the core, and my computer just starts slowing, blowing, heating, and eventually switched itself off a few times because it reached too high a temperature. The only seem that solve the issue is to reboot the computer, and sometimes this will happen every 30 min, sometimes every few hours.. Happens when I'm watching movies, listening to music, going anything, or even when the PC is idle. Using the information in this thread I've tried to start troubleshooting the problem, it seems that it comes from ACPI.sys but that's pretty much all I've found out. I've updated all my drivers, installed Windows updates, so far nothing will do. I've uploaded an .etl dump to https://dl.dropbox.com/u/14785207/log.zip , if you guys can find anything that could help me solve that I would be very grateful, it's been driving me crazy for weeks.. Thanks a lot! E.