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  1. Hello again, I finally tried to switch back as you suggested, and you were correct, of course. Without StartisBack - its fine, it stays in the Startscreen. With Startisback, regardless of the version and regardless of the Settings, it switches to the desktop after some seconds (a bit earlier if set to switch to desktop anyways). I have lots of programs including cygwin, but in the Autostart installed by me just these: AltDrag and VirtuaWin. And the issue was already before I installed those. What kinds of programs would force the switch to the desktop, do you have an idea? Thanks for you help! Cheers.
  2. Hi all, Very nice software, and very good improvement with the upgrade afaikt so far. I am gonna buy it for sure (atm just on trial license) if I can fix this problem: Since the upgrade to 2.0 although the settings are set to run the Metro Start screen on boot, the system still switches to the desktop (seems to jump there a few seconds later than when I actually select jumping to the desktop on boot). Its since after the upgrade Im quite sure, and its annoying for me . Any ideas? Thanks in advance!