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  1. not working even thought i changed the usb port of my modem. i wonder why my interrupt to process latency so unstable and spike to the peak whole time?
  2. you have USBport spikes: Total = 290022 for module USBPORT.SYS Elapsed Time, > 512 usecs AND <= 1024 usecs, 5, or 0.00% Elapsed Time, > 1024 usecs AND <= 2048 usecs, 29, or 0.01% Elapsed Time, > 2048 usecs AND <= 4096 usecs, 243, or 0.08% Elapsed Time, > 4096 usecs AND <= 8192 usecs, 26, or 0.01% Elapsed Time, > 8192 usecs AND <= 16384 usecs, 18, or 0.01% Elapsed Time, > 16384 usecs AND <= 32768 usecs, 21, or 0.01% Elapsed Time, > 32768 usecs AND <= 65536 usecs, 6, or 0.00% Total, 290022 Looks like your GlobeTrotter GI1505 - Modem Interface seams to cause it. Update the driver. thanks.. i updated my globetrotter GI1505 and the result is like this.. this result showing i am watching youtube through chrome while my steam is patching the game.. is this normal for usbport.sys to get to high value when transferring data through broadband? Still got some audio dropout and when i try to connect to wifi, the ndis.sys will raise to the highest DPC routine execution. is this normal? My kernel timer latency also causing very high value and very unstable.. the value is up and down,, what can i do to make it stable at low point? Here is my newer etl file. http://sdrv.ms/WxX6nC thanks a lot and thank MaficAndre for answering my helping a lot. =) sorry for my poor English too..
  3. heres the link. http://sdrv.ms/ZfUrxp i notice that there is some dropout of audio when i try to connect to wifi while watching youtube.. My intel 5100 AGN is lastest driver already..
  4. yes. i am using dell studio xps 1640. the temperature is around 60c without doing anything...
  5. What happen to my highest interrupt to process latency? thanks