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  1. It's supposed to be this way. For now, opening another support forum is not worth the security risk / maintenance time. i guess you may put the start menu beside the taskbar.. there will be some instances when you forgot what program have you ran.... or you want to check what programs are running without closing the start menu.. something like that.. so i wouldn't waste 2 clicks just to check what programs are on the taskbar
  2. When you invoke any kind of Modern UI, all hot corners are enabled. found something when i put the taskbar on the sides and when i click on the start menu, it covers the taskbar.. or is it just me? here's a screenshot oh when will the official support be up? i'll be glad to help
  3. If you turn Start screen into Apps screen, 'Pin to Start' context menu item is removed. ohh great i overlooked it. thank you edit: is the charms really enabling the hot corner (bottom left) even startisback has disabled it? or it is just native to be like that in windows 8? Edit 2: lol it showed two posts o.o sorry for that
  4. If you turn Start screen into Apps screen, 'Pin to Start' context menu item is removed. ohh great i overlooked it. thank you
  5. It's Windows 8 issue, unfortunately. I'm improving this. On first installation, pinned items folder is cleaned and Windows 7 pinned items are migrated. oh that's a microsoft issue.. Just a suggestion, would you allow integration of the context menu (right click menu) regarding PInning to start menu? Since it's kinda confusing two "Pin to Start" are being shown.. (Pin to Start and Pin to Start Menu) like integrating them? Or adding a setting which if the user wouldn't be using start screen that much, disable the former so only Pin to Start Menu is shown. It's really confusing sometimes...
  6. I tried the trial version and it was great though i found some bugs. It wouldn't recognize opennewwindow commands (or context) which is usally found on browsers (right clicking on them). It will show "opennewwindow" instead of "Open in new window" Another thing is the pin problems.. it wouldn't recognize shortcuts already present in the folder (sometimes when I pin some items, it would have a name like XXX (2) or XXX (3) and so on and so forth) Overall, it's awesome. Keep working on it EDIT: There are also some instances when I put my taskbar on top.. the menu list (the right side.. including user icon/computer/control panel links etc) isn't adjusted. but i guess it's a rare bug anyways.