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  1. After few days of tearing apart computer and rebuilding, i found the problem. It was a CPU, so i switched to Intel e6550 and everything works ok, from any media, even Server Technical Preview works (little slower but work)
  2. I tried with 4gb RAM, one HDD, 2nd DVD, still nothing As per PXE boot, all other images are booting/installing correctly. I have another CPU Intel e6550 if that can be better solution -edit I just seen i wrote 16gb instead 6gb, sorry, is 6gb of RAM for 1st post
  3. When i boot from PXE/DVD i get Black screen as soon Logo appears If i do it from Windows then i get that error in second phase, eg, after file copy. I tried that too. But i noticed on this CPU i get error Hyper-V is not supported when trying to install Hyper-V role on 2k8 R2 and im sure on slower CPU i had i didnt get same error. Could that be a problem ?
  4. Hello fellow admins. I have a problem installing 2012 R2. I had home server with 2008 R2 installed for almoust a year and i wanted to switch to 2012 R2 for my MS certification study. But i have trouble installing it. PC configuration is : Intel e8400 @gHz 16GB DDR2 Gigabyte GA-P35C-DS3R 2x 250 gb SATA HDDs 1x 500gb SATA So, everything from 2003 to 2008 R2 worked perfectly until i tried to switch to 2012 R2. First i tried with new HDD to do fresh installation, but as soon Windows Logo is shown black screen appears with error codes i cant see and reboots. Happens from DVD and WDS (other server) Then i tried to install 2008 R2 and upgrade from it, i get "Cant upgrade" error with no clear explanation why. Then i tried Custom installation what at first was working until rebooting and i stucked at same place as at first try (fress install) I have allready 2012 R2 installed on my main PC but i cannot have it working all the time so i need it on other PC Can anyone give me some solutions? Thx
  5. Hello, I have a problem with Server 2008 R2. Im doing a paperwork for a seminare witn servers and i have problem with not showing shared stuff on Network. I created a domain with 2x Server 2008 x86 and Server 2008 R2 as DCs. I shared few folders and pc's but they are only visible from Server 2008 x86 and not from Server 2008 R2. I cant do folder redirections from selection, only if a manualy write network path and still i can see them from all pc's in network but not from R2. I've installed R2 because i can't find any Exchange Server working on 2008 x86 for testing... I hope you understand my grammarly poor english, thank you