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  1. what's CP and RP? =P
  2. My Microsoft request credentials also take too long. Is there anyway to sign in without them but still get all of the administrative rights, etc, etc? Or make the Microsoft sign in faster? =)
  3. Should I check the caviar drive as well? =P
  4. Oh Oh. That does not sounds good. =/ Yes, it is as fast as when I first bought the computer. But If I were to shutdown/restart the regular way, the computer sorts of lags for about 30 seconds in a weird grey screen after the first dell screen appears at startup. Please help me. I want my computer to be as fast as when I first bought it! =/ Thank you again for all of your time.
  5. The shutdown and the start up was significantly faster. =D If i shut down like this every time will it enable the fast startup each and every time? =) Any more tweaks that you can share? I would love to know all of your windows little secrets. Also, I already sign in to the windows credentials automatically but it still takes a few seconds to sign me in. Do you know how I can completely disable the windows sign in credentials?
  6. I shut it down by going to setting and then clicking the power button. This blows! Then my computer, even on fast boot takes about 50 -60 seconds. I have an almost 11 year old laptop with windows XP that takes 50-55 seconds to boot. And the drivers and everything boot at 30 seconds. How is this possible? When I first got the computer it took 10 seconds to boot. I understand that I installed a lot of crap so it started to boot slower. But I reinstalled the whole operating system after that and there was no change. Could there be any tweaks that I can do to help with this?
  7. Please forgive me but I have nooo idea what you just said! lol I don't mean to annoy you but you are so smart and knowledgeable and I really have no clue about these things. =/ Bare with me...So you are saying that my computer is already using the fast boot cause I always shut down my computer using the charms- bar-settings-on/off? That is how I have always shut down my computer, so how come it wasn't doing it before? = / Can you please guide me in the correct steps to make sure that my computer always boots on fast boot? Pretty please?! =)
  8. That's more like it! How do I fast boot every time I use my computer? So there is no way to fix or tweak the traditional boot to speed it up? =/
  9. Is this it? xbootmgr -trace fastStartup -noPrepReboot -traceFlags BASE+CSWITCH+DRIVERS+POWER -resultPath C:\TEMP And yes, when setting up the computer it asked for a windows live account so I set it up. But I am not sure if I'm using an MS account or the local account? How do I find that out?
  10. How do I do that? Is the fast boot the selective boot? Cause that is how I always boot...? And I set up the credentials to log me in automatically, why does it take so long?
  11. Check your inbox.
  12. Hi! Its me again. =P So I reinstalled my whole operating system since I was not able to refresh or reset. Kept getting errors. But now my startup is still at 50-60 and sometimes even 70 seconds. = / What can I do now?
  13. Do you think by doing this, will it get me back to when the computer was brand spanking new? : ) Also, I would like to do a refresh but I am scared I will loose some programs I need for school. Does it kill all applications and software I have installed? Thanks again for all of your help! = )
  14. Guilty. I am obsessed with cleaning my computer. lol But either way I have made sure that none start at startup. How come they still are? Can you help me fully remove them from boot time since none of the programs you listed show up on my services or startup manager? Will uninstalling do the trick? But what about the credentials request? I don't have any passwords set on my computer...? Thanks in advance! =)
  15. Magic Andre, Check you private messages! Sent you the link. = )