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  1. I had the same prbleme before and it pissed me off because Facebook didn't work and some others sites too -.- It was a problem my box from my internet provider, IPv6 had some problems and I had to turn it off and Facebook and the others sites worked again ! Regards
  2. Make sure you installed it properly, try this guide, the path to the DWMGlass.dll should be correctly set in AppInit_Dlls value and restart. You can also try this video for better understanding. Thanks man, I had to do some things and now it works perfectly ! Thx thx thx
  3. Guys please help me :'( I download the 2 last RC and when I click the LoadGlass__AppInit_DLLs.reg, the effect doesn't show Both RC 3 & 4. Please please help me :3 Long time ago it worked perfectly for me :3
  4. .7 had popups, maybe slight less frequency but I can't tell. If there was a .07 it was one of the ooold ones I was referring to, won't do you much good. Fine except it lacked support for multiple monitors, I suppose. Doubt anything was interfering, probably the person didn't notice them or got a cracked version somehow. Yeah it'll be removed in the full version I'm sure. Well, I dont use a weather widget. I have very useful usage meters and temp monitors that are not available on Rainmeter. It's name might be rainmeter, but it provides much more than a weather widget. Looks like you didn't look into it enough. It supports all sorts of usage/temp/net/playback info an is much easier if you want to script stuff yourself. Otherwise getting a skin you like is not different from installing a gadget... This. It has a ton of styles to match much better than anything else out there. All I can say, it wasn't a "cracked" version because I know I found this tool on DeviantArt and I didn't get ANY popup ! I keep my PC turned on all the night and no popups... So I wanted to try the newest version and darling little pop up reappears :/ It is only annoying when I play a game, it returns to my desktop automatically Clicking OK is not a problem. Greetings
  5. @hello2u I think I was using v0.07 something like that but there was a "7" in the version lol and I used it for a long time and no popup before/after reboot of my comp ! Those new versions have that popup every seconds lol and the transparency worked perfectly !
  6. Hello! I've just a little question, I had a version without the annoying popup "demo nah nah nah" but I can't remember which one :/ can you please tell me ? Thanks