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  1. i dont know what you mean I told you that the file i copied from the HHDRECOVERY are over 10gbs ,therefore I cannot burn the dvd/cd, so I was asking what other method to use, but I figured out that if I use my 500gb usb hdd and partititon it with a 15gb FAT32, I managed to get it to load but , then where you see the progress bar , it got to 100 and I restarted. But system still didnt load, So finally tried a changing my internal HDD and installed windows from usb and it worked. So basically the problem was that my system hard drive was currupt and had bad sectors , but when I hooked it up to other pc windows said the drive was healthy. Only reason I seen the bad sectors was after running a CHKDSK /R on it. I have resolved my problem. BUt I have a question on a similar subject is it possible to repair bad sectors on a hard drive and if so what program, also is it possible to rebuild the TOSHIBA SYSTEM and HDDRECOVERY partitions on a fresh hard drive?
  2. my preinst files are over 10 gb there is 17 swm files in the zzimage folder, what do i do, also tried the second method and i cannot cd to my usb hard drive. have to use usb hard drive cause its the only media i have where i can store all swm files.