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  1. I got it sorted out now. Thanks for all of your help. Got the great Windows XP running on my desktop now problem-less.
  2. Worked like a charm. Now my problem is I can't connect to the internet on that computer. I have been looking online I think maybe my Ethernet driver is not working. I went to device manager and Ethernet is in the unknown category. Also tried the first driver on dell website and no love.
  3. Thanks. Will give this a try. Can't hurt. Will post back if it does or doesn't work.
  4. So I'm trying to install Windows XP from USB. I get to the point where it checks my C drive and says it can't find anything or something to that effect. I have been reading online that I need the sata drivers in the install ISL. When I attempt to put them in using nlite this is what shows. Which is not a driver for Dell Optiplex 755. My service tag is:544jyf1 Got my drivers from here http://www.dell.com/support/troubleshooting/us/en/19/servicetag/544jyf1?s=BIZ Any help would be great. Thanks.