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  1. We have seen that URL bar version information can be unreliable; remember this instance? where simply renaming the folder (regardless of what version was actually in the folder) produced misinformation:
  2. "Hello, World!"

    I see you're not running Windows 8.x or Windows 10, so however bad your day, it could be worse. Hang in there.
  3. Newest Adobe Flash and Shockwave, and Java, too!

    The problem is that the Flash Player "Install Now" link says the download is 19.6 MB, but when you download, it is only 1.1 MB--and the installation screen looked a little different, as well. I don't know where Bersaglio found the full installer, but thanks for that.
  4. Sorry, I actually meant Javascript; I don't have Java on Firefox.
  5. That's on XP SP3. There's boxes for name, country, gender, and it puts up a message in red about "less than three results" if I enter my name, but if I enter "Silva" or "Rossi" then many results are returned. I mean, it seems to be fully functional, as I get it.
  6. It seems to work fine here on Firefox 52.1.1., and also Google Chrome Portable 49 (though I did have to allow Java on Chrome to make the search boxes display--I usually keep Java off on that browser).
  7. List of Web Browsers Working with XP 2017

    I am testing this “Opera 64-bit” version 44.0.2510.1457 on XP Pro x64, so far so good: https://www.opera64bit.com/
  8. Newest Adobe Flash and Shockwave, and Java, too!

    Along the way I have continued to update Google Chrome Portable using the latest Beta version of Adobe Flash, as described earlier in this thread, without problems. However, today’s Beta release did not work.
  9. Hopefully so, but it's only been ten months and... https://www.rt.com/viral/373450-robot-kill-switches-status/
  10. Simple XP 32BIT 64Gb RAM (true Pae) Guide

    Obviously this should be merged with the existing thread, since it concerns exactly the same subject matter.
  11. Latest Version of Software Running on XP

    Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox version 3.3.7.
  12. I uninstalled KB2973115, after which KB2756918 finally installed (no more repeating loop-install). Thank you for the information, and for what was a simple and effective solution. I have not reinstalled KB2973115, as it appears (?) that you have. I’m holding off on this because it is a server (not XP) update, and I wonder if our use of .net updates that are not XP-specific may be the source of our .net install loop problems, which I have experienced on about ¼ of my XP machines going back eight months now.
  13. Safe To Remove Hardware

    At a command prompt, type the following command, and then press ENTER: set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1 Type the following command at a command prompt, and then press ENTER: start devmgmt.msc Once you are in Device Manager, go to the View menu and choose Show Hidden Devices, which will show all the device drivers including things that aren’t currently installed in your computer.
  14. I’ve now tested on XP by installing the three Office updates via the yellow shield, then running Microsoft Update--it worked, no more endless scanning, and MU installed the other updates through the browser. After the Office Updates, I did reboot both the W2k and XP machines before testing MU, so when I get a chance on another machine, I’ll try it without the reboot (the Office Updates per se don’t require a reboot, I just happened to do it). EDIT: No reboot required.
  15. I think you may have it. Manually installing the cumulative IE8 did not fix the “forever updating” problem on XP for me, either. Microsoft Update on Windows 2000 Professional gave me the same problem, so I waited for the update globe to appear in the tray, and ran the three Office updates that way; afterward, MU on W2k Pro worked just fine and timely.