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  1. I don't think so; at any rate, Fernando has good information here:
  2. I tested Flash Beta with Google Chrome Portable; all is well:
  3. Reporting that the update experience has been unusual here on three-for-three machines so far… MU runs and runs, so I leave it once the yellow shield pops up, or I just wait for the yellow shield in the first place. Then, hovering over the yellow shield shows 0% download progress indefinitely (defined as when my patience runs out). So I reboot, and find the downloads are ready to install. I install them, after which all is well, apparently, so far. EDIT: Fourth machine, no such anomaly. EDIT: Fifth machine, same anomaly, but this was a W2k Pro machine, otherwise not pertinent here, except that it only involved the Office update... So maybe the XP update quirk stems from the Office update.
  4. I adapted your approach to Google Chrome Portable, and it worked. I have Chrome (full version) on another machine, so I copied pepflashplayer 32_23_0_0_185.dll from that installation, renamed it pepflashplayer.dll, and swapped it into Chrome Portable 49.0.2623.112, as before, in the two places indicated here (as usual I did nothing with manifest.json): GoogleChromePortable\App\Chrome-bin\49.0.2623.112\PepperFlash GoogleChromePortable\Data\profile\PepperFlash The Flash site confirms installed. Thank you for the information.
  5. Apparently blackwingcat has attempted a fix, but to no avail. He posted on his blog that support has been cut for pre-Vista or Win 7 operating systems (not sure of the translation), either of which obviously rules out XP.
  6. Google Chrome Portable Version 53.0.2785.116 was released today, and it includes the new pepperflash; so, as usual, I swapped it for previous in Chrome Portable Version 49.0.2623.112. Unfortunately, the Flash site was then unable to detect the plug-in, so I’m back to I also noticed that neither the Beta nor Dev Portable versions appear to have a pepperflash component at all.
  7. Thanks for the clarification on the AHCI drivers; I see now from your driver link that you’re talking about 7.6 here, which I’ve never tried. Just FYI… Blackwingcat’s blog seems to indicate (if I’m reading it correctly) that 8.9 requires extended core v10 or above, and earlier this year I made many attempts to install it (8.9) on standard W2k (no extended kernel / no extended core) and was not successful. Some while back I also made many attempts using Fernando's 11.2 (with BWC extended kernel and extended core), including installing 8.9 and trying to “up it” to 11.2 after installation--no success there, either.
  8. To run W2k Pro in AHCI mode you should have the AHCI driver integrated to begin with (rather than trying to install it after the fact), and you need BWC's extended core integrated to do that. I’ve used the unofficial W2k Pro packages for so long I forget to mention it. Find one of tomasz86’s previous unofficial HFSLIP packages that have BWC’s extended core (and extended kernel) already integrated, and use that to create the OS install disc. Maybe tomasz86 can help you get hold of that; for some reason I’m not finding it on his site, or maybe I’m just missing it.
  9. It’s a simple program built-in to Windows XP, and you can get to it by going to Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore. It will probably open up with the radio button already set to “Restore my computer to an earlier time” and ready for you to press “Next,” which takes you to a calendar with bolded dates indicating available restore points. Just pick the most recent (but one that’s still before the date the problem began), click “Next” again to confirm, and it sort of takes your computer back in time.
  10. System Restore would probably fix it.
  11. Excellent! In that case you can also use Fernando's 8.9 driver, which does list 3B29. There is a very good chance it will work, and a slightly better chance that BWC's will work (if you can identify which one to use amongst his options). Thanks, jaclaz. Fernando_8.9_AHCI_nLite
  12. Are you sure it is the I.D. for SATA AHCI Controller that is 3B64?
  13. I didn’t see that I.D. in Fernando’s 8.9 driver, but you could check there for yourself. I don’t know enough about laptops (hardly anything, actually) to know what might work. Blackwingcat’s driver could be worth a shot; here’s what BWC 8.9e options look like in nLite: BWC_8.9e AHCI
  14. 5eraph pointed out elsewhere that Microsoft released those in 2013 and 2014, as represented by the first two digits of their corresponding security bulletin ID numbers: KB2876331 - MS13-089 KB2916036 - MS14-005
  15. When I used your infinst_autol7 with X99 C610 I found iaStor.inf IaStor.sys iaAHCI.inf but I could find no TXTSETUP.OEM, so I integrated 8.9 SATA and SSATA drivers in a subsequent nLite run. I see the same situation here with Thank you for the information, I think I understand a little better now.