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  1. Yepp, it would. Today in 1703 I have some red color set to harmonize with wallpapir. Then open msft wether app; Boom total chock all blue!! Thats for silly..
  2. As I understands it, this neon thing is only app associated and will only show at windows uwp apps, soo....
  3. Probably #WannaCry, not the ransom-ware, but more of an UWP by MSFT stuff
  4. since U seems to be use to ask quastions, instead of use google, I take it U use cortana a lot....
  5. Just what any regular/average user would/will try, out of the box, I suppose....
  6. Was it the topic (...worst-crap-ever) that give it away?
  7. "Why Windows 10 S is like giving babies cigarettes" http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/opinion/3009514/why-windows-10-s-is-like-giving-babies-cigarettes Chris Merriman: "I want to write a really positive article about Microsoft. I get tired of listening to myself complain about every crappy thing they do. But they just keep doing more crappy things. And it has to stop."
  8. to the price at $999???
  9. All of this made me stressed and depressed and to get some rest of my mind I put Mint 18 on my old laptop. Now-days I feel came and good....
  10. Perhaps a win10s computer then, lol...
  11. Great stuff!
  12. Told U so; windows 10 is for internet use only... (win10s, ofc it run for 14,5 hours)
  13. Win 10 is just an OS to run apps to access the internet. Thats all!
  14. "...just aren't available locally because everything's gotten so dumbed-down that brick and mortar "tech" stores only carry the most basic consumer goods..." We have the same system over here, it seems. No one keeps anything in store; really frustrating...