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  1. U can just take a look at NoelC's avatar if U in any doubts...
  2. About: "The Lumia 950 was the last Lumia phone to be carried by AT&T and even though they are selling “Certified Like-New” models, it’s clear that they’re eager to move past Windows phones."
  3. ..a wet dream or just plain horror!
  4. MS may have a new star in Donald?
  5. There is this thing that really disturb me and it's the onMSFT's site pop up policies. I got (in firefox) the pop up box ticked and as far as I have notis worked well, but in Microsofts fan(boys) site it does not. How come?
  6. Yeah, and the reason is U can't run apps on 7. Big deal!!
  7. Home?? Are U sure?
  8. New see throu browser: opera neon!
  9. ...Amen
  10. It happen to me in 14986 but after I regedit paint... At least I think that is the reason.
  11. May 25???
  12. Just want to say; really like your signature!
  13. As far as I can see no large changes, a'm afraid. Note Aerotweaker id winver 1703
  14. I ticked a two boxes in aerotweaker. First "Disable lock screen"; what a relief! Finally! I never understood the meaning of that on a desktop or laptop. Second "Disable live tiles" And think it's got a snappier startup over all...