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  1. onMSFT.com today: "...Microsoft is not the only one big tech company to be affected by online outages, but this was actually the second time in a month that its services went down for an hour or more. These kind of events always make headlines, but the company usually has a pretty good track record at explaining what went wrong. We’ll keep you informed if Microsoft shares an official explanation for the sign in issues..." "..Earlier this week, Microsoft online services were hit by another global service outage which affected many consumer offerings such as Outlook.com, OneDrive, Skype and Xbox Live..."
  2. Today at onMSFT: a poll on "has Microsoft gone to far in “invading your privacy?” " https://www.onmsft.com/news/poll-is-microsoft-invading-your-privacy-with-windows-10
  3. Well quicker then my hp then. I notis that the update went back severel times to get the specific file, like it did not get all the first time. I have fiber access to my router and at the time I got like 50gbit so it's not any problems with download, I say....
  4. When U update lets say the Dell laptop, for how long time (from setting/update search until U can see the startmenu fx? For me the last 5 or 6 preview versions take/took 10-12 hours on a hp pavillion dv6000...
  5. The aluminum case U know ;0)
  6. I had to turn one of my w10 laptops to run linux mint 18.1. Just to get some came in my body... (none of ALL versions have had my touch bar work ok, none)
  7. U can just take a look at NoelC's avatar if U in any doubts...
  8. About: "The Lumia 950 was the last Lumia phone to be carried by AT&T and even though they are selling “Certified Like-New” models, it’s clear that they’re eager to move past Windows phones."
  9. ..a wet dream or just plain horror!
  10. MS may have a new star in Donald?
  11. There is this thing that really disturb me and it's the onMSFT's site pop up policies. I got (in firefox) the pop up box ticked and as far as I have notis worked well, but in Microsofts fan(boys) site it does not. How come?
  12. Yeah, and the reason is U can't run apps on 7. Big deal!!
  13. Home?? Are U sure?
  14. New see throu browser: opera neon!
  15. ...Amen