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  1. show or hide updates: http://download.microsoft.com/download/f/2/2/f22d5fdb-59cd-4275-8c95-1be17bf70b21/wushowhide.diagcab
  2. If it's just as unpredictive as trump, it sure is crap. A computers OS U must be able to trust every time U use it. W10 isn't there yet....
  3. Seems as serious as Trump...
  4. Bonus!
  5. I'm really glad!
  6. But..but it's ALL done in the computer! Don't U see... (irony)
  7. I'm kind of worried, myself..
  8. Yepp, it would. Today in 1703 I have some red color set to harmonize with wallpapir. Then open msft wether app; Boom total chock all blue!! Thats for silly..
  9. As I understands it, this neon thing is only app associated and will only show at windows uwp apps, soo....
  10. Probably #WannaCry, not the ransom-ware, but more of an UWP by MSFT stuff
  11. since U seems to be use to ask quastions, instead of use google, I take it U use cortana a lot....
  12. Just what any regular/average user would/will try, out of the box, I suppose....