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  1. Just use GIMP!
  2. I like Mint 18 too, No problems so far...
  3. Really like: "...please close this page..."
  4. I agee completely! But the same was said 25 years ago by the constractures behind the drawing-boards, about computers. I was then, at the time, one of the fore-spokers for CAD, btw.
  5. Pure evil ...or smart, as D. Trump would have put it!
  6. First time, ever, I head about this "SmartScreen" -had to google it
  7. Hear, hear...
  8. Well, I did a rethinking and put win7 (since my original 7-rigg is struggling a bit) on the T20. Did a test as well. My old core2duo was able to make a 744.0 in the overall rating....
  9. Well, I have took it down but maybe later-on I can download PMPT and give it a run. I don't think there is anything wrong with the machine but I'm truly disappointing over win10. What happened to multitasking? As soon U got the desktop displayed U should be able to start/run a program, not wait for 45-60sek. (I am talking abut a machine U actually work on and have several programs in the activity list). I mean this is 2016 right...
  10. yeah, less than 36 h. I'm going to run linux on it, but just to see that everything work I did a quick test with a w10-disk and shame to say I didn't see any dramatic change of w10s behavior. I have lived in the belives that my machines was old and slow, but it's the OS that is poor.... Soon I put linux on it and all be good!
  11. How noise is't? and don't U think the psu is a bit weak (290W)? Anyway, I expect it to arrive in the end of this week. Nice pics; I also use to take pictures of my new gear, first thing!
  12. Just to good to resist IMO. Funny, I didn't think I bay another pc again. Ever!
  13. Nice! I think I order one today. Dell had a money-back offer also All in all less than $300...
  14. Thanks N, I think at the moment my OpenSUSE machine whom running work for homepages (the old way, Gimp and Bluefish and so furt). It has starting acting wierd but it's aboute 10 years now or so, but later on its lightly to run as a win7rigg.