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  1. It say 1607 and the insidertext is gone (below Bigmuscle notis) ...so
  2. Got the anniversary build this mornning;
  3. some proof of the playground at windows;
  4. This time, THIS:
  5. I use this;
  6. Seems work ok;
  7. I went to nividas site and found a newer driver than windows. It made the situation a bit better; not 100%, but aleast 70%
  8. Well... I guess, maybe. I have ModernFrame in the AeroGlass folder, BUT I can't remember if I put it there or... I think I just use the installer ..a looong time ago! I will leave it there, the chance is it will work in any of he realeses comming up. /Mike ps Ok Noel, you were right. I remove that dll and the buttons areise, BUT the nice blue color on the namelist disapare in favor of a gray one (at least in settings) ds
  9. One "good" thing, for me at least, is that the trackpad is started to work in apps. Well not the new synaptics 19.x. something, but an old one;
  10. Yes all win32 application is intact; this is firefox:
  11. In 14332 it seems that all buttons has gone on apps -application; no close, resize or minmize is no more visible but function is still there....
  12. Ofc U right, but tell that to our elder friends / customers or even get them to understand the problem, until it's too late. Thats why this windows way is so wrong...
  13. I see some similarities in autocad. It's really annoying...
  14. Windows update has been trying real hard to install this (see pic) driver on my laptop, but no success. Wondering why?
  15. Works just fine. Use ff (not ie)....