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  1. Yeah, and the reason is U can't run apps on 7. Big deal!!
  2. Home?? Are U sure?
  3. New see throu browser: opera neon!
  4. ...Amen
  5. It happen to me in 14986 but after I regedit paint... At least I think that is the reason.
  6. May 25???
  7. Just want to say; really like your signature!
  8. As far as I can see no large changes, a'm afraid. Note Aerotweaker id winver 1703
  9. I ticked a two boxes in aerotweaker. First "Disable lock screen"; what a relief! Finally! I never understood the meaning of that on a desktop or laptop. Second "Disable live tiles" And think it's got a snappier startup over all...
  10. Dito to U Noel and to all the usual suspects here on MSFN! /Mike
  11. Actually not a bad thing, this "explorer.exe fail" ; I got rid of a lot off uwa stuff + I got Dexpot (really love that program) to work properly!! I downloaded winaero to see if ther where a way to get rid of edge icon an taskbar, but didn't find any... yet!
  12. It was ok, for wail, until I clicked on an app (not paint) like settings and standard menu (in classic menu). Should have tried winaero, I suppose lol
  13. It is now 50 versions ago I was using any prerelease (14936-14986) and it because boring christmas days. Anyway checked out the 3d-paint and found it totally useless. Happily I found a register setting to make it look normal again, BUT that scewed up Explorer_exe some how so now if I try any app (like settings) I got one of this: this setting should have DWORDsettings (1) to work... btw!