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  1. End of March...I can't wait! I think MS Win9 DP will available in April....
  2. You can try it,I don't have a PC with UEFI SecureBoot firmware,I want to know SecureBoot status.
  3. It seems like SecureBoot is not a problem.
  4. Use Application Verfifier's HighVersionLie option. Some useful links:
  5. I hope you give me an option to hide/disable CMD command window in registry.
  6. 使用适用于win8.1的win8rp风格的customthemeatlas来解决,效果如下 原帖有,我只做搬运工。
  7. What about add a DWM address bar option?Just like this.I hope this dream will come true
  8. AMD WIN8 users do not install AHCI drivers provided by AMD.Use Microsoft's driver instead.
  9. When I change my visual style,IE will crash,but if I unregister OldNewExplorer,the problem will not appear. PS:the software cannot run in program files,I think you should modify regsvr32 DLL to regsvr32 "DLL"
  10. The shadow is relative with visual-style file(*.msstyles).Use Aero 8 by xxiNightxx theme.
  11. Will the final version a shareware or a freeware?I'm in China mainland and use PayPal is difficult for me. Any other methods?
  12. When will the final release?
  13. Thank you.
  14. Can't wait for the final ! When will the final published ? Does the final support Windows 8.1? Is It any shutdown black screen bugs? Is the final version use another load method(not Appinit_DLLs)?
  15. I want this version ! No aero glass,no uxtheme patch,annoying Windows 8.1...