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  1. Hello All! I could really use some assistance in getting 2 addons to install into IE 8. Our users do not have admin rights so we will need to push the install silently. First Addon Files: CKSSOCtrl.cab CKSSOCtrl.inf CKSSOCtrl.ocx Second Addon Files: CKInteractivedriver.dll CKInteractivedriver.cab CKInteractivedriver.inf I have tried copying all the files to c:\windows\Downloaded program files and the %systemroot%\syswow64 folders and I've tried running regsvr32 from syswow64 and system32 pointing to the ckssoctrl.ocx and ckInteractivedriver.dll file. It succeeds but it will not show up in addons and when going back to the site, it keeps asking for it to be installed. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this? If I need to attach the files, please let me know. Thanks Rick