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  1. Yes, it isn't important. I think to give up this. Thanks.
  2. Yes, I changed some icons. I replaced modified Explorer.exe with the orginal and now start normally, but still I can't see "Waiting for..." screen.
  3. Yes, I am sure, because I copied logos.sys and renamed to logow.sys. Size: 129 078 bytes.
  4. Unfortunately, after I copied new file to c:\windows\logow.sys and restart, when I turned on computer an error has occurred: "Explorer.exe caused an error in <unknown>." and taskbar are not displayed. When I removed the file, the error no longer occurred.
  5. Now I know how to change boot screen, but how to add shutdown screen (logow.sys)? Of course, if it is possible...
  6. I created logo.sys file in root directory of disk C:, as it's written here: and it works. Thanks.
  7. Hello, how to change boot screen under Windows Me? Under Win98 I can replace logos.sys & logow.sys, but I can't find logow.sys.