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  1. Yuppers. Thanks for taking your time and elaborating for anyone else who might be searching for this .
  2. I'm not removing updates or features from a Windows ISO, I'm adding updates (hotfixes aka KB*******) to an ISO with RT7 (which works perfectly fine for what I need it to, except for the slowliness). But, because Microsoft has set those updates not to be integratable, an error will pop up during installation of Windows with the above mentioned updates integrated (experienced this myself). If I don't integate those 3 KB's, Windows will install just fine, and with most updates preinstalled.
  3. Went to their forum but as you can see it's practically dead, so I though I'd rather ask here. I don't know what you mean by "lite-ing". Also, after extensive thread crawling, I think I may have found what I needed; Apparently, the updates to exclude are KB2603229, KB2533552 and KB2506143.
  4. As the title says, I need to know which updates I have to exclude from slipstreaming into a Win7 x64 SP1 image file (with RT Se7ven). I'm using the latest Win7 x64 SP1 .ulz, and I remember reading somewhere that if I include all MSUs, then Windows installation will fail, which I've tested to be true. So, which MSUs shouldn't be slipstreamed?