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  1. Last Session.ini Hi! I've been trying to make a Windows XP Pro x64 install disk. All I want is to slipstream in SP2, make some minor changes and make it unattended. Initially I added some hotfixes and drivers as well, but as soon as nLite started crashing I dropped that and tried to make it as simple as possible. However, no matter how simple I make the setup, it still crashes! There is no error message, just the regular "report to microsoft" one. I'm using a VM environment of the same source, with only .NET 2.0 and nLite installed. My. Last Session file should be attached. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you very much. -J EDIT: I've managed to create a new .iso after only integrating SP2. After that, the program kept crashing in the same way after I tried to integrate hotfixes, drivers and tried to make it unattended. I even tried them all in individual sessions. I finally managed to get a new .iso, but I still am not able to add drivers or hotfixes, or even add themes and such. It just seems completely random.