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  1. Yeah, so far I haven't had any problems. Looking at your picture, the card was originally in the very right slot, and now it's in the center. Edit: Well, nevermind, apparently it's back to doing it again, this time even worse. It was doing this a while ago too, but I thought I somehow fixed it. Apparently not. Could you help me out a little more? etl Also, now it's only happening when I'm playing games and other things. When I'm not doing anything it seems to be fine.
  2. Of course it would be something that simple. Everything seems to be working fine now, thanks for helping me out.
  3. Here you go
  4. The driver didn't seem to help. Here's what I got from latencymon Link
  5. So, I just registered, I was hoping you could help me fix this problem of mine. The DPC Latency checker shows something like this It's a steady pace of 1 big red line per 3 seconds. No matter what I'm doing, or even if I just restarted my machine, the latency checker always looks exactly like this. Here's my etl file