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  1. I asked in Toshiba Community about RECOVERY DVD'S , and say that the HDD will be restored completly, citing "includes all the hidden partitions and the master boot record. - all the bytes on the disk are restored", then if this is true, all the HDD must be erased to create 2 partitions (1 hidden and C:), this meaning that original HDDRECOVERY files have to stay in any place before this happen. Thx
  2. What if some of us still have the HDDRECOVERY in HDD? and only lost the factory's master boot record. Could be created a CD that contains a win 7 (32/64 bits) repair ISO with a batch file in root that refers to copy, unzip and run the SWM files that are within HDDRECOVERY partition to a temp file? Of course, the HDDRECOVERY have to exist on HDD, be unhidden and with an assigned letter. THX
  3. Just a question, If I use the procedure described in the first post, will be possible to regain the HDDRECOVERY in a hidden partition on the HDD like when it came from factory? or, it is just a way to reinstall the OS and proprietary software? ty in advance. (ringrazio in anticipo)