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  1. PROBLEM SOLVED! FINALLY MY SHUT DOWN BECOME NORMAL AFTER I UNINSTALL BIT DEFENDER 2013 Thx Andre for trying to help me solve the problem, thankyou very much.
  2. I'm sorry, now i upload it to skydrive. Here is the link. normal boot log!720&authkey=!APor4OIIDGGRQg8 safe boot log!721&authkey=!ADUW-nwcxiQbp-0 shutdown zip!722&authkey=!AOpTbAubf82fxt4 i have a normal shut down in safe mode, which oni takes few sec to shutdown, but not in normal mode..
  3. Hi Andre, I have a problem with my windows 7 64 bit shut down. It took 10~20 minutes for it to shut down. I have tried a clean boot but the problem is still there. So i try to trace the issues with the method shows here. I successful trace the shut down with "xbootmgr -trace shutdown -noPrepReboot -traceFlags BASE+CSWITCH+DRIVERS+POWER -resultPath C:\TEMP" But i cant continue the analysis with this command "xperf /tti -i shutdown_BASE+CSWITCH+DRIVERS+POWER_1.etl -o summary_shutdown.xml -a shutdown" when i type this in command prompt, is shows "xperf: error: shutdown_BASE+CSWITCH+DRIVERS+POWER_1.etl: The Specified path is invvalid. <0x800700a1>" Here is my shutdown_BASE+CSWITCH+DRIVERS+POWER_1 and xbootmgr.log zip I also provide you my normal and safemode bootlog for reference.... Please help me with this.. Thankyou Seong.