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  1. Hi, I'm doing my graded unit at College and I am struggling slightly with file permissions. The organisation chart is like so: I have setup all the users in groups using active directory like so: From this image I hope you can gather the way i've set it up. I've created a file sharing structure similar to the organisation chart. Now, the permissions are set so EVERYONE can READ the TCCS Data folder. In the TCCS Data there are; CEO, directors, call centre etc.. Only the users that are part of that specific department should be able to list contents of these folders. For example, only DIRECTORS should be able to list the contents of the directors folder. To try and set this up I've set the following permissions. All of these groups have ntfs read permissions. The sub folders of TCCS Data such as CEO has the following permissions: Now, the issue is that when I want to write to the CEO folder when logged into a Windows 7 workstation, connected and logged into the domain from a ceo user account, i get access denied. However, when I write to the IT folder it works.. So writing from '\\PENGUIN\it' works but '\\PENGUIN\TCCS Data\it' won't let me write.. Any ideas as I want to map \\PENGUIN\\TCCS Data on login using a script, eventually... Thanks