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  1. So this is it - fixed versions release. To be clear: this is not cracked versions! Popup is still here, but less aggressive. It appears on every startup/dll reload/DWM restart, but just 1 time. I also made download mirrors list, so now you can download aero glass hook even links in first post are not available. Please PM me if the new version will be released - I'll add it to the list. Enjoy
  2. Oh, that's nice. Unfortunately not everyone here have such mad skills as you. Why you can use this mod without problems and they don't? It's not fair. I respect bigmuscle, more than you think. That's why I made the popup appear only on startup instead of removing it completely (it's a lot easier - just 1 byte fix). The point is that he's not selling it. Be sure that I will stop doing this fixes when the full version will be available. For everyone interested in this: fixed v0.8 is ready (testing it now) and will be released tomorrow.
  3. I hope that bigmuscle will do the same change himself. It's not so fun to patch every next version.
  4. Good news everyone! I've managed to remove "This is DEMO version" popup... completely. But I know, that bigmuscle is going to make money on this, so.. I made the popup appear only once on startup to make everyone happy... almost happy It seems to be working, but I'm still going to test it for awhile. Patched versions will be uploaded soon. P.S. bigmuscle, please don't hate me, this popup was really annoying
  5. I am not sure about this I have a black screen on every reboot, usually for 5-10 seconds. P.S. looks like a black screen appears after the user logout is complete.
  6. Don't use native blur - it doesn't work in x32 version yet. If still no blur, try to update your win8.
  7. I am not sure about this I have a black screen on every reboot, usually for 5-10 seconds. Without glass dll loaded there is no such problem P.S. looks like a black screen appears after the user logout is complete.
  8. So.. Win8 x32 Pro & MC with Aero Glass v0.8. It seems to be working, no more error messages: but: 1) no glass in the taskbar on the second screen 2) black screen on reboot problem: when you press "reboot" it shows reboot screen, but then it turns to black with cursor on it (I had it for 5 minutes while windows updates installation) 3) "This is demo version" popup stops glass from working, after pressing "OK" it works again 4) got the crash log, but don't know when it generates (no error messages) 5) no difference between standard and native rendering - is it even works? Crash & debug logs AGTweaker v1.2.2 doesn't work well - after "Apply" button: v1.2.1 worked fine though
  9. Windows 8 Pro with Media Center x32 uDWM.dll = 6.2.9200.16420 (562kb in system32) dwmcore.dll = 6.2.9200.16433 (1.75mb in system32)
  10. Hey bigmuscle, when the working x32 version will be ready? I can try to fix those errors, just upload sources (eg to github).
  11. It seems to be same thing as in Win8 RP. It looks that internal function for getting colorization parameters has different argument than x64 version. Clicking Ignore should work... Have the same problem. Clicking Ignore doesn't help - start -> error -> ignore -> transparent works fine -> error -> any button -> DWM restart Writing crash log... DWMGlass: 0x7443AD49: d:\projekty\aeroglass\mydwm-dx11\dwmhook\iatfunctions.h (22:0), function: myWndProc d2d1: 0x74000000: ? Writing crash log... DWMGlass: 0x7448F0ED: f:\dd\vctools\crt_bld\self_x86\crt\prebuild\rtc\error.cpp (248:0), function: failwithmessage DWMGlass: 0x7448ECF9: f:\dd\vctools\crt_bld\self_x86\crt\prebuild\rtc\error.cpp (272:11), function: _RTC_Failure DWMGlass: 0x744651A9: f:\dd\vctools\crt_bld\self_x86\crt\prebuild\rtc\stack.cpp (52:11), function: _RTC_CheckEsp DWMGlass: 0x74457B19: d:\projekty\aeroglass\mydwm-dx11\dwmhook\settingsmanager.cpp (120:54), function: SettingsManager::loadColorizationSettings Without clicking on error message buttons everything works fine.