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  1. title First part of Windows SP2 x64 setup from partition 0 ... title Second part of Windows SP2 x64 setup/Boot first internal disk ... Why need? I've removed second entry and it works normal. --- And the same this good works with my Win_XP_x64_SP2_nLite rem start /min "Keeping USB disk mounted workarround, do NOT close!" pushd %CDDRIVE%
  2. Yes, it i need. Thanks! This is one line that show cmd.exe ? hidec /w pushd %CDDRIVE% will be correct for me? Only large and very cool file setup.cmd difficult to understand the beginner
  3. Please help me, Is it possible to hide cmd.exe under GUI mode of install WinXP (x64) ? Where is the start it in a script? How I do to make it with hidec.exe /w command ? And thanks for Your good works! My nLite WinXP64 good working with the tools!