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  1. Works a treat Thanks.
  2. Ah ha... was going to ask you that but assumed you would have tried it. Yes YES Y E S... I won't be hated
  3. Yes ok it must be my source. It has been burnt from my original disk which is now long gone. I can't remember how i burnt it or if it was altered in anyway. I assume it would have been written from an iso from the original disk but can't be certain. It's XP Home SP2 oem. Maybe i used nlite to slipstream SP2 all those years ago and forgot??? Pls don't hate me I did however do a test install from the disk a couple of hours ago and could not replicate the issues with "Owner" at login and was able to bypass login screen as user. II will try out Ponch's recommendation and let you know how i go.
  4. Thanks i will try that soon and see if it works
  5. Great idea, attached. LAST SESSION.INI LAST SESSION_U.INI
  6. Opps sorry forgot to attach it and have since deleted them. No i don't have any passwords set.
  7. No and yes it was set to Active
  8. Done Nope doesn't. One of the first things i tried. I even thought to make my user "Owner" and gave that a go but it gave me "user" instead....weird. Ok here is what i've just done. I uninstalled nlite. I deleted the nlite folder "program files/nlite". I then reinstalled nlite, and created an iso with only one user called "user". Yet still once installed shows "Owner" & "user" on the login screen meaning i can't log straight in. See new session files attached.
  9. Ok , thanks for your help thus far appreciate it. Tried that already, deleted all files from cd folder, copied files from xp home to folder, slipstreamed sp3 and re-added my settings manually but it still says it. I even deleted all the sessions before hand. Maybe i have a faulty install? I might reinstall and give it another whirl.
  10. I just tried to use your addon and it didn't work. Not sure what i've done wrong. When it asked me to add the addon file i navigated to where i unzipped the file and it only saw 1 file so added it. I just tried to attach both session ini's but only one of them is in the ini format the other file is not recognized by windows and couldn't attach to this site so i opened it up and saved as .txt Last Session (2013.04.13-11.27_u.ini Last Session (2013.04.13-11.27.txt
  11. Many thanks, i have never added an add-on so it might be another kettle of worms for me but i will give it a shot. First please do have a look at my session.ini attached maybe i missed something. Last Session.ini Last Session_u.ini
  12. Under the "users" tab i have Administrator, guest and "user". I just want "user" to automatically login when windows restarts. I have selected "user" from the autologin dropdown box and set it to active, however it still goes to the login screen and not straight through to windows desktop. It would also be handy if the Administrator (named "Owner" for unknown reason) was not visible on the login screen, unticking active does not help. I'm testing in virtual machine after many attempts i'm just about beating my head on the keyboard, appreciate any and all help. OS = XP Home
  13. Perfect thanks mate
  14. I'm trying to do a complete hands off install and have automated everything up to this point: "Welcome to Microsoft Windows..." >>"will this computer connect to the internet...">>"Ready to activate Windows?..." What am i missing?