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  1. Hi, I'm new here and have just registered because I've been following this thread and am in need of advice. I have recently bought a Samsung 840 SSD and after migrating my old OS disk to the new drive, I noticed the Samsung Magician software said I didn't have AHCI enabled. Anyway, long story short, after changing my BIOS and a few BSOD's I found this site. I have manage to slipsteam an XP disc with SP3 and the drivers Fernando very kindly posted (Thank you very much!) and I am now able to boot with the AHCI setting in BIOS. In Properties > Hardware for the disk it says: 'Samsung SSD 840 Series SCSI Disk Device' and has the following info in Location: Bus Number 0, Target ID 3, LUN 0 In my device manager there is no entry for a SATA controller in the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers but I do now have a SCSI and RAID controllers entry that contains AMD AHCI Compatible RAID Controller and a AMD RAID Console. Therefore, I'm assuming I'm running in AHCI mode. However, the Samsung Magician no longer recognises the SSD and I'm wondering if I did something wrong. My mobo is a MSI MS-7720 with a AMD Zacate E350D, dual core and Hudson D1 chipset. Thanks in advance!