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  1. >of course the number one response was 'aeroglass.' Which, of course, the arrogant dweebs claim they listened to and acted upon when they put translucency back on the Taskbar. Like no one would notice that the flat, lifeless controls without any visual style at all are still hugely harder to use. I thought that maybe once Win 10 hit the ground they'd start adding some good stuff back, but I'm now convinced they have no longer got the talent to pull it off. It was a one-way door, and they should be ashamed of themselves for throwing away so much that their predecessors did right. -Noel
  2. >when upgrade occurred, 1607, adobe suite did not work well How long will holding back on 1511 keep? 3 or 4 months is all Microsoft seems to think you'll need (e.g., by the delay you can dial in). If not - and what's the guarantee that all the problems will be worked out in a few months - then what? Go "off reservation" and continue running an intermediate Windows 10 version for as long as Microsoft allows it? Yes, you can stop updates, but what is the use of that? Settle for a lesser operating system only to stop updating it? Why not just not start with Win 10 in the first place. This is precisely the reason that when it comes to using Win 10 for serious stuff (e.g., creating content with the Adobe suite) the only winning move is not to play. Who in Microsoft said it's good and proper to release a new operating system every half a year? That's just ridiculous! -Noel
  3. Do you even have GWX? If so how did it get in? We've been talking on this site about blocking the updates that brought it in since some time back in 2015 as I recall. You could search your whole system for any file that has GWX in the name. My Win 7 setup looks like this: -Noel
  4. Thanks for checking. That's good feedback. It tends to make me think even more that it could have to do with one of the things I do that are fairly far off the reservation, e.g., Disable Windows Update service. Disable Windows Firewall service (I have the 3rd party Sphinx firewall). Disable a number of other services I don't believe I need. Remove all Apps including Cortana. Run with UAC disabled. Use a local account. A dozen other significant tweaks to try to undo most of what's "Modern" in Windows 10. Thing is, this is no more than an annoyance as everything works. I just don't understand what's starting SystemSettings then almost immediately having it go to Suspended status. -Noel
  5. In all seriousness, I still show the IE status bar. When I hover over a link, in the status bar appears the URL. Some of the links show a URL which ends with .7z, so clearly the file is meant to be downloaded and opened as a file with a .7z extension, which I know from experience to be a compressed archive openable by the 7Zip file manager. The root cause of the problem, why the right thing doesn't happen automatically (based on my own experience with web hosting and browsing) is that the mime type isn't being provided correctly by Big Muscle's web site. That's metadata that comes along with the download. He can probably fix it by including something like the following line in an .htaccess file at the root of his web site: AddType application/octet-stream .7z -Noel
  6. Thanks, you're right. Post edited. I presume Big Muscle would choose exactly the right wording. -Noel
  7. You can download files from Big Muscle's site with Internet Explorer IF you do NOT left-click the link, but instead do exactly the following: 1. Right-click the link to get the context menu. 2. Save Target As, change the extension to .7z, and save the file to your disk. 3. Once the file is completely downloaded to your disk, open it with 7Zip. -Noel
  8. Does any newer version of Office actually do anything useful as compared to the older versions? I had Office 365 for a while (I believe it was closest to Office 2013 at the time) and later dropped back to 2010. The 2010 version was actually more functional, and was the last version to embrace the desktop theme. I haven't found a reason to want anything newer. -Noel
  9. Heh heh heh. I figured he probably has sufficient skills to work through a upgrade since he actually made the move from 1.4.5 to 1.4.6. By the way, you can probably lower the level of miscues some by adding the Windows build numbers to your thread titles. E.g., "Aero Glass for Win 8.1+ 1.4.6 for Win 8.1 and 10 builds up through 10586" and "Experimental Aero Glass Builds for Win 10 build 14393" In this day and age of "information overload" people often fail to read enough to fully understand things because there's just so much to worry about to survive every day that the mind can never rest. They necessarily try to limit the amount of stress on their minds whenever they can. I think of it as "the age of distracted living". It starts in childhood and breeds adults who have difficulty focusing. And - as we've seen - it is becoming ever more socially unacceptable to ask people to think first, ask questions later. On the subject of this thread, I've dropped back to because that version was perfectly stable and I can't tolerate any errors on my main Win 8.1 work desktop. It didn't crash, but even small occasional visual screen glitches are distracting and I have to limit the stress on my mind... -Noel
  10. I see it on 14393 (all patch levels so far) and I'm pretty sure it was happening in 10586 as well, though it wasn't as obvious since I didn't have an Aero Glass ModernFrame debug console window start whenever ApplicationFrameHost ran. -Noel
  11. Right, 1.4.6 is NOT for Windows 10 build 14393. You want to look in the Experimental builds thread instead. -Noel
  12. Your not having those processes auto-start may say that something I've configured (or DEconfigured) has caused Windows to enter some kind of restorative process. It could, for example, have something to do with the Security Center, which if you don't tell it to avoid doing so does pop things up some minutes after login. I have to leave the system completely alone for 5 minutes at least. If I even move the mouse a little the processes don't start. -Noel
  13. Doesn't the same thing happen if you just disable all the specific scheduled jobs that do things you don't want? There ARE actually things I want to run in the background from Task Scheduler. I use it myself for some things. -Noel
  14. Hi aviv00, what do you mean by "task scheduler running as ghost"? Can you please be a little more specific? -Noel
  15. Oops, yesterday I posted that 1.4.6 has been flawless, but in the evening I closed a window on my right monitor and a few hundred pixels of the left side of a VMware window on my center monitor disappeared (in their place I saw the background image). Moving the cursor over the window caused it to reappear. If it happens again I'll get a photo of the screen before correcting it. I suspect if I do a screen grab it'll self-correct as well. I never saw this behavior with 1.4.5 in a long time of use. Nor does it happen reproducibly on 1.4.6. Edit: Managed a screen-grab. Note the rectangle of "see through" pixels near the top of Internet Explorer. That was flickering on and off when I moved the mouse over the IE window. -Noel