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  1. That the minidump was in the AeroGlass folder implies it has to do with Aero Glass. I haven't had it happen again. Yes, I do have "Launch folder windows in a separate process". That has always given a better experience in my observations. -Noel
  2. Look in the .7z available from the link near the bottom of his main site: Right-click and File-Save As, and remember to put in the .7z file extension. -Noel
  3. Heh, massive empty desktop space, and at the same time icon bubbles running off the bottom to where you can't see some of them. Yep, really seems to hold to the tenets of Windows 10. Bravo, Opera, for embracing the fashion of the future, where all restaurants are Taco Bell! -Noel
  4. With care and intelligent application of protection (e.g., firewalls, blacklists, behind router, etc.), virtually any operating system can be safe online. Whether it would be safe in the hands of someone who doesn't know their XP from an Android system is another story. And at some level, we are all naïve. Define "King" in the context of this discussion. Practically impossible. Some might say a 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 is still King. It simply can't be refuted because it's a meaningless statement. Maybe "I like Windows xxx best because..." would be the best way to roll forward with this thread. Friday the 13th or no, in the wee hours I opted to install the latest Windows Updates for my Windows 8.1 workstation - the main system on which I do work. Guess what? It didn't release any magic smoke. It still works perfectly, based on an entire day's work since. It's still private and - according to the benchmarks I run after every system change - still efficient. I don't believe in superstition. I believe in facts, and I had vetted those updates for more than a month in a virtual machine, as well as read all about them and researched whether others have had any problems that could affect me, as well as having a full backup. As payment for all that effort I have been rewarded with a system that continues to work fine. In my opinion, I prefer (a heavily tweaked and augmented) Windows 8.1, and an intelligently maintained system of any era is still King. Meanwhile, it's hard not to like Windows 7 too... On my small business server humming in the corner, running Windows 7 x64 Ultimate, "trouble free" has literal meaning. Note the uptime in Task Manager. -Noel
  5. First and foremost, turn OFF the ability to control the router remotely. Having the thing present a web interface to anyone in the world is just asking for trouble. Then protect it better from access on the LAN/wifi side using a custom account name, a strong password. Disabling the broadcast of the SSID might discourage opportunists, though nowadays, with Software Defined Radio - based gear and sophisticated sotware, if someone wants to know what's happening on your wifi, a determined radio hacker can do quite a lot. Then it really comes down to physical security - i.e., if you really don't want your wifi hacked, do/offer no radio comms at all. You always trade convenience for security. -Noel
  6. Here's a weird one... As of late last night my Win 10 test system, on which I'm running the Sagorpirbd Aero7 theme, stopped using my theme atlas replacement file for everything. Thing is, I had been running the released 1.5.2 Aero Glass software for several days successfully. The only change to my system is that I added a couple more disks to my RAID array that holds all my VMs so the disk access speed underpinning the VM might be a little different, changing the timing of the bootup. It seems the theme atlas is at least SOMEWHAT used because it's actually working for Modern windows (e.g., Settings, see the screen grab), and for title glow backing (which is dark colored in my theme atlas replacement). If I just add a space after the end of the theme atlas file then delete it, the replacement theme atlas is properly loaded everywhere. Here's the pertinent portion of debug.log, for which I upped the logging level... Edit: Additional information... I restored the VM from a snapshot I took right after the cumulative update that brought Windows to 14393.576. Then I reinstalled Aero Glass 1.5.2 from the "manual update" by replacing the various files (as I had done before). Now it loads the theme and theme atlas successfully after reboot. One thing I DIDN'T do was re-register the DLLs. I did notice that a minidump has shown up in the folder, though... Not sure why, since I didn't really see any issue. Here it is: -Noel
  7. It must be hard to improve on perfection. Nah, that can't be it. I haven't seen any Windows 10 updates in a long time either. -Noel
  8. My system generally seems to be running normally. The only anomalous thing I've seen - and I have no idea if it's Aero Glass-related - is that at one point during my testing I was repeatedly logging Windows 10 off then on. I managed to lock it up on a black screen after logoff - twice - and had to reset the virtual machine. After the resets the system booted up again okay. If it's at all helpful, here is the debug.log that covers the time I was doing those logoff/logon cycles. I've inserted blank lines where I rebooted. Unfortunately, I don't think it shows very much useful info regarding why the system black-screened. But perhaps in what's not shown there is some info for you Big Muscle. Edit: Note that normally I see a black screen briefly between logging off and the reappearance of the logon prompt. I will try to remember how to increase the level of logging. Edit: Checked the box in the Aero Glass GUI, so if it happens again I'll have more info for you. -Noel
  9. What are you thinking about, dencorso? That the router could be compromised? I always believe in and have multiple levels of protection, but I admit that I have long wondered whether common home routers, whose software rarely gets patches, could be compromised, and if so, how most folks could even tell. -Noel
  10. Haven't seen a similar problem with 1.5.2 here - yet. My system is set to auto-logon, so it's not taking very long for me to go through the bootup/logon transition. -Noel
  11. >Windows 10 Version 1703 I guess they plan to actually release it in March. -Noel
  12. My biggest problem with XP - back when it was current - was that I just couldn't use it as heavily as I needed and have it stay up for more than about a week on the same bootup before some resource or another was used up. Trouble is, I'm the kind of person who has things for my computers to do 24/7, so that's important to me. And I truly do multitask. Today, for example, I was building multiple solutions simultaneously in multiple Visual Studio instances, because I needed all the results quickly. The one big thing that NT technology brought to Microsoft was the concept that a computer operating system could actually be designed to be able to run virtually forever. The problem with the early NT-based systems, XP included, was that the culture at Microsoft - that of "don't worry about it, it'll be rebooted daily" - was hard to dispel. Overcoming that - finally - has led rise to being able to reliably do things like set up systems to do nightly builds, malware scans, backups, defrags, etc. etc., not to mention more modern long-winded things like mine for primes or other pursuits. I'm sure the resource exhaustion and gradual self-corruption problems have long since been resolved with updates since the XP flavor that I used. And certainly the 64 bit systems have resolved some of the fragmentation worries the smaller 32 bit systems had. I ran XP x64 for several years, and it truly was rid of many of the issues that plagued me with trying to do big things with XP Pro 32 bit. Windows XP x64 mostly, then Vista (after SP2 and a lot of bugfixes) were really the first systems I could work the hell out of and they would still run for months. Windows 7 ran virtually forever right out of the box. Windows 8.1 also does that for me now. I haven't actually tried to run Windows 10 for more than about a week straight, so I don't know whether they're reverting back to their sloppy programming habits where it will need rebooting every so often. I suspect they probably are. Sloppy and software just don't go together and produce anything good. But - as configured by Microsoft - Windows 10 reboots itself every so often on purpose anyway, so who's gonna know? -Noel
  13. Try setting your "Glass geometry radius" to "Custom" and increasing the value to something like 10 in there and see how it improves the corners. -Noel
  14. Left to right or top to bottom? I can put a slight top to bottom gradient into the theme atlas resource - e.g. to make the window chrome look like it's lit from the top, but even that is starting to look wrong because of the way Big Muscle has to composite the various translucent portions. With such a gradient it becomes a bit ugly at the left and right ends as I recall. I don't know of a way to make a left-right gradient. -Noel
  15. We can all dream. As 2016 draws to a close, we can dream that our dreams might outlast Microsoft's foolishness. Please be safe everyone, as you welcome 2017. -Noel