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  1. Somewhere a marketing dweeb is thinking, "That's not a bug, it's a modern feature, and we'll work tirelessly to make you into a tin foil hat-wearing dinosaur outcast oldster hater in the eyes of others if you even hint at otherwise!" -Noel
  2. ReactOS is a good idea, but isn't mature. Perhaps Win 10 will spur it on to be finished. Have you compared a freshly installed Win 8.1 system with the freshly installed Win 10? The results may surprise you. For me there are quite a few more things running in a quiet Win 10 system than with the older OS. Regarding accumulating crud... I've found it possible to keep a Windows system running efficiently, but it does take some ongoing work... Though I have a fair number of accessories also, generally speaking I stop needless services and applications that start up. I ruthlessly remove unneeded things that show up after installs using tools such as Autoruns and ShellExView. On my main Win 8.1 system, a quiet desktop generally settles to a bit more than 40 processes, 11 of which are svchost wrappers for services. Here's what a nightly poll of running things turns up late at night on a logged-in system... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TaskList /V /FO:CSV /NH (processes running): "aerohost.exe","1260","Services","0","652 K","Unknown","NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM","0:04:12","N/A" "atieclxx.exe","10228","Console","1","7,160 K","Unknown","NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM","0:00:00","N/A" "atiesrxx.exe","180","Services","0","1,940 K","Unknown","NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM","0:00:00","N/A" "ClassicStartMenu.exe","8096","Console","1","9,168 K","Unknown","NoelC4\NoelC","0:00:00","N/A" "CLOCK32.EXE","4232","Console","1","5,940 K","Unknown","NoelC4\NoelC","0:00:00","N/A" "cmd.exe","5656","Services","0","2,740 K","Unknown","NoelC4\NoelC","0:00:00","N/A" "conhost.exe","5928","Services","0","7,392 K","Unknown","NoelC4\NoelC","0:00:00","N/A" "csrss.exe","3996","Console","1","7,092 K","Unknown","NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM","0:00:24","N/A" "csrss.exe","656","Services","0","2,280 K","Unknown","NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM","0:00:02","N/A" "dasHost.exe","2260","Services","0","7,084 K","Unknown","NT AUTHORITY\LOCAL SERVICE","0:00:00","N/A" "dllhost.exe","3028","Services","0","4,616 K","Unknown","NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM","0:00:00","N/A" "dwm.exe","7444","Console","1","54,692 K","Unknown","Window Manager\DWM-1","0:04:51","N/A" "explorer.exe","3660","Console","1","138,796 K","Unknown","NoelC4\NoelC","0:01:14","N/A" "gsort.exe","6840","Services","0","1,712 K","Unknown","NoelC4\NoelC","0:00:00","N/A" "lsass.exe","808","Services","0","23,140 K","Unknown","NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM","0:05:30","N/A" "mainserv.exe","1508","Services","0","4,320 K","Unknown","NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM","0:00:21","N/A" "OutlookPasswordWorkaround.exe","3408","Console","1","10,864 K","Unknown","NoelC4\NoelC","0:00:00","N/A" "services.exe","800","Services","0","6,028 K","Unknown","NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM","0:14:26","N/A" "ShellFolderFixUI.exe","4296","Console","1","10,100 K","Unknown","NoelC4\NoelC","0:00:00","N/A" "Skype.exe","6120","Console","1","161,768 K","Unknown","NoelC4\NoelC","0:08:36","N/A" "smss.exe","524","Services","0","520 K","Unknown","NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM","0:00:32","N/A" "spoolsv.exe","1272","Services","0","14,676 K","Unknown","NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM","0:00:03","N/A" "svchost.exe","1088","Services","0","28,048 K","Unknown","NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE","0:04:28","N/A" "svchost.exe","1308","Services","0","23,404 K","Unknown","NT AUTHORITY\LOCAL SERVICE","0:00:48","N/A" "svchost.exe","1704","Services","0","10,236 K","Unknown","NT AUTHORITY\LOCAL SERVICE","0:00:02","N/A" "svchost.exe","2352","Services","0","1,164 K","Unknown","NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE","0:00:00","N/A" "svchost.exe","2856","Services","0","10,720 K","Unknown","NT AUTHORITY\LOCAL SERVICE","0:00:01","N/A" "svchost.exe","512","Services","0","27,720 K","Unknown","NT AUTHORITY\LOCAL SERVICE","0:01:41","N/A" "svchost.exe","588","Services","0","31,764 K","Unknown","NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM","0:00:22","N/A" "svchost.exe","652","Services","0","25,216 K","Unknown","NT AUTHORITY\LOCAL SERVICE","0:00:09","N/A" "svchost.exe","812","Services","0","68,284 K","Unknown","NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM","0:52:50","N/A" "svchost.exe","920","Services","0","10,804 K","Unknown","NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM","0:02:55","N/A" "svchost.exe","968","Services","0","13,756 K","Unknown","NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE","0:02:00","N/A" "System Idle Process","0","Services","0","4 K","Unknown","NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM","4221:34:12","N/A" "System","4","Services","0","144,892 K","Unknown","N/A","6:45:39","N/A" "taskhostex.exe","7708","Console","1","22,748 K","Unknown","NoelC4\NoelC","0:00:02","N/A" "tasklist.exe","9480","Services","0","6,028 K","Unknown","NoelC4\NoelC","0:00:00","N/A" "TortoiseProc.exe","8700","Console","1","33,624 K","Unknown","NoelC4\NoelC","0:00:01","N/A" "TSVNCache.exe","5860","Console","1","52,728 K","Unknown","NoelC4\NoelC","0:00:08","N/A" "vmware-authd.exe","1804","Services","0","4,324 K","Unknown","NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM","0:02:51","N/A" "vmware-usbarbitrator64.exe","1036","Services","0","2,968 K","Unknown","NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM","0:00:00","N/A" "Windows10FirewallControl.exe","4176","Console","1","24,684 K","Unknown","NoelC4\NoelC","0:18:04","N/A" "Windows10FirewallService.exe","1352","Services","0","14,248 K","Unknown","NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM","0:34:35","N/A" "wininit.exe","744","Services","0","1,500 K","Unknown","NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM","0:00:00","N/A" "winlogon.exe","6328","Console","1","6,048 K","Unknown","NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM","0:00:00","N/A" "WizMouse.exe","6104","Console","1","1,120 K","Unknown","NoelC4\NoelC","0:00:06","N/A" "WmiPrvSE.exe","10700","Services","0","6,596 K","Unknown","NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE","0:00:00","N/A" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TaskList /SVC /FO:CSV /NH (services running): "atiesrxx.exe","180","AMD External Events Utility" "lsass.exe","808","EFS,KeyIso,SamSs,VaultSvc" "mainserv.exe","1508","APC UPS Service" "spoolsv.exe","1272","Spooler" "svchost.exe","1088","CryptSvc,Dnscache,LanmanWorkstation,NlaSvc,TermService" "svchost.exe","1308","BFE,DPS" "svchost.exe","1704","stisvc" "svchost.exe","2352","PolicyAgent" "svchost.exe","2856","SSDPSRV,upnphost,wcncsvc" "svchost.exe","512","Audiosrv,Dhcp,EventLog,lmhosts,Wcmsvc,wscsvc" "svchost.exe","588","Browser,CertPropSvc,IKEEXT,iphlpsvc,LanmanServer,MMCSS,ProfSvc,Schedule,SENS,SessionEnv,ShellHWDetection,Themes,Winmgmt" "svchost.exe","652","EventSystem,FontCache,netprofm,nsi,WdiServiceHost,WinHttpAutoProxySvc" "svchost.exe","812","AudioEndpointBuilder,DeviceAssociationService,PcaSvc,SysMain,TrkWks,UmRdpService,WdiSystemHost" "svchost.exe","920","BrokerInfrastructure,DcomLaunch,LSM,PlugPlay,Power,SystemEventsBroker" "svchost.exe","968","RpcEptMapper,RpcSs" "vmware-authd.exe","1804","VMAuthdService" "vmware-usbarbitrator64.exe","1036","VMUSBArbService" "Windows10FirewallService.exe","1352","Windows10FirewallService" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Beyond that, and assuming you have leaned-down your setup similarly, I see that you mentioning late opening menus... If equipped with an electromechanical HDD, your laptop could be suffering from being bound by slow I/O, especially if it's doing any swapping to disk. It might be worth investing in a big, fast SSD. I run everything from SSD here. Like you, I find delays in control response unacceptable, and SSD is the single easiest upgrade you can do that will net results (and ongoing results, as increasing fragmentation doesn't bother an SSD-equipped system nearly as much). -Noel
  3. Nothing here since June, so once again we have reached stasis... Owing to the hard work xper (and others?) have put in, the site is more or less usable, though there are still quirks. We have this level of performance, where the insertion point cursor sometimes fails to show, or more of the page is whitespace than is needed, or quoted quotes don't show, or [insert your pet peeve here] - and we've learned to work around them more or less... It is the New Normal. Is anything actually better than it was before? -Noel
  4. What I missed was the (lack of?) anticipation that RS1 wouldn't add anything impressive - or frankly even appreciable - to Windows 10, and so there is still precious little interest. The only recent tweak that's caught eyes around here is that Big Muscle has resurrected Aero Glass for build 14393. But even then it only almost brings back the functionality we had already achieved on earlier Win 10 releases. It's not like it's faster, or can make the Taskbar look as good as Win 8.1 and earlier, or is as bug-free, or... I have had a fair number of queries about my re-tweaker script, which automates the removal of most everything "new and [not] improved" that Microsoft has hung all over the NT kernel lately. End of an era. -Noel
  5. Here it is, 3 weeks later and... 1. I didn't upgrade my workstation - the machine I need to do work. It's still on Win 8.1. 2. I upgraded my Win 10 test VM to the RS1 release. 3. Courtesy of Big Muscle elsewhere on this forum, I've even resurrected Aero Glass. Again. I'm STILL so thoroughly unimpressed with Win 10 version 1607 AKA build 14393 AKA "the Anniversary Update" AKA Redstone 1 that I'm not just glad for item 1 above, but I'm f****** ecstatic that I didn't choose to upgrade the workstation! Now it's clear why they didn't want to roll out the software before the "end" of the free downgrade period. They would have duped even fewer people into adopting it. -Noel
  6. Can you describe what "manage memory as well as Win 10" means to you? I haven't noticed my best lean, tweaked Win 8.1 using any more memory than my best lean, tweaked Win 10 setup TBH. If anything there are something like 6 to 10 more processes running on an idle Win 10 system. In very round numbers, both systems seem to use about 1 GB of an 8 GB RAM available just sitting at an idle desktop. But even that's misleading; you really do want the system to use your RAM as needed, that's what it's there for. Are there specific things you're finding you can run on Win 10 that wouldn't run on Win 8.1? -Noel
  7. >Downgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 8.1 I think the word you were looking for was "Upgrading". Reality demands that something actually be "better" before considered an "up"grade. And yes, Win 8.1 is decidedly better than 10, assuming we're talking about efficacy in being an actual OPERATING SYSTEM, not an ad and store delivery tool. -Noel
  8. Oh, geez, I thought it went without saying that one had to use the new beta version for Win 10 RS1 / Anniversary Update. -Noel
  9. The only other thing I saw was that most folks I think create a root folder while you put yours in your Users area. Maybe a path length limitation could be interfering? Try making a C:\AeroGlass folder, drop both files into it, then specify C:\AeroGlass\RoundedCorners.png in the AeroGlassGUI tool. -Noel
  10. It seems to work okay for me most of the time, but isn't that special. Thanks again to Microsoft for making something simple into something complicated and screwing it up in the process. And thanks to you for trying to unscrew it as best you can. Saw a couple more glitches today when multiple overlapping windows were present on the Win 10 desktop. At one point a continuously updating Process Hacker 2 window that was in the background was occasionally flashing to the top for what looked like about one monitor scan, then being hidden again. It led me to think that the process you're using to determine what's in front of what else might need a little more work. -Noel
  11. At which point, the appropriate response is... Or, if you saved the receipt and it's not long since the purchase, take it back to the seller. -Noel
  12. It is the age of stupidity having reached critical mass, so it's not about what you DO, it's about what you SAY, only. Microsoft realizes that forums blank out words that describe their strategy, so how bad could the customer feedback be? "No curse words were found in the descriptions of our strategy, so we must be doing something right." -Noel
  13. I caught some small glitches. I think the flashing cursor in a CMD window (or updates of displayed data) might be helping to bring them out... Note that the CMD window cursor happens to be over the top of the edge of the PowerShell window... The cursor happened to be flashed off at the moment of this screen grab. That's a bit of the edge of the underlying window showing. -Noel
  14. Is it the Windows 10 RELEASED build 14393 (Anniversary Update, AKA Redstone 1, AKA version 1607)? That file is only for the released software. If it is the right version of Windows, did you save BOTH the .png and .png.layout files in the same folder? Are you using any non-standard theme? -Noel
  15. How's the trip to Mars going, dh? I presume you're posting from your capsule... -Noel